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Yeah. I'm not entirely sure it was on purpose either, regardless of the situation. It's not like the next batter was Danny Worth. He had to face Cabrera.

Verlander obviously was. It was a low 90s fastball, but if he wanted to hit him, he would've. No harm, no foul. Should be fun the next time they play each other.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

I'm an O's fan, but I thought Ausmus' reaction to Verlander throwing behind Cruz was good.
I'm still not convinced Hunter was intentionally plunked, but I can certainly see why Hunter would have thought so, and if throwing behind Cruz settles the score, then it's a fine resolution all around. It's baseball, and nobody got hurt.

If it were Denny McLain, it would have been intentional! There are very few nasty pitchers like Denny anymore. And, that is a good thing. Both Norris and "Ver" (as Ausmus calls him) are not of that ilk.
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So many sports reporters know nothing about baseball..girardi made a double switch in which jeter was taken out of the game in the 8th inning to avoid a potential at-bat by the pitcher because the yanks were playing at a national league field..they were questioning girardi jeter was playing bad or something
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Dellin Bettances has the highest K/9 inning percentage in baseball at 15.7..beast
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^ also most strikeouts for relievers
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Does it get better than a Sunday doubleheader when the bats have been hot?

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A sweep of the Sox at Fenway! Sweet! The 11th straight road win for the Tigers.

Today, the Tigers (.692) play in Cleveland. I know the Indians are struggling, but I am always apprehensive of the cunning mind of Tony Francona. And, at this time of year, those pesky May flies are all over that ballpark.
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Post Game uniforms

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The Tigers' road trip win streak ended in a 10 inning game. I never get upset about a loss if we are "in the game" and putting up a fight.

We're still 7 games up in the Division.

There are two things that always annoy me when we play at Cleveland:

1. All those lake flies in the air--the kind that get in your mouth and nose.
2. That damned drum!!
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I'm in Chicago and going to see Tanaka pitch at Wrigley tonight! First time going to the friendly confines. I can't wait.
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Nice. I went to Wrigley a while back. Just a fun atmosphere.
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Bigger douchebag: Yunel Escobar or the collective Red Sux?

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Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

Bigger douchebag: Yunel Escobar or the collective Red Sux?

mark teixeira whenever he uses his face is the douchiest of the douchey

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
you can't deny his face its so douchey. he's #1. john lackey is 1A, but tex is the definitive #1.
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Yankees and Red Sox fans arguing over which players are douchier is kind of like the old Hitler vs. Stalin argument tongue.gif
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