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At the AS break, the Tigers are clinging to 1st place in the AL Central.
Verlander approached his "old self" with a near no-hitter in the final game before the break.
Jeremy Bonderman returns to the Tigers--farm system. He was the hero of the 2006 playoffs against the Yankees.
Maybe, Scherzer will be the starting pitcher for the All Star game.
Life is good.
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I've got Prince Fielder with his 3rd HRD crown.

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Me too
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Dark horse: Cuddyer

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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

I predict in 1.5 months Lincecums arm will fall off.

Look back on this 148 pitch outing

Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

Not hating on him. It's an incredible feat. 150 pitches is a crazy amount. Look what happened to Santana when he threw his 134 pitch no hitter. He was never the same. Granted he was older at the time and I am sure he had injuries before but still

He's still mad about the World Series. smile.gif

Lincecum's one of my favorite players- but I think he blew his arm out a couple of years ago and now he's pitching on guile. Or trying to. Accdng to Yahoo, Tigers are interested in him as a reliever. Would probably make a hell of a closer IMO.
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HR Derby makes me cringe. If I were managing, I would never want one of my players in it. The longer the rounds go, I'm praying nobody pulls an oblique. Unless it's Robbie Cano.
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Oh, and, can't go commenting on HR derby without mentioning what a blowhard Chris Berman is. Pathetic, embarrassing, are some of the words that come to mind with those "back back back it's gone!" calls. The hype manufacturing machine couldn't sound more disingenuous. Sad.
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I think they should have replaced Berman with Adam Jones. Chris Berman is more annoying by himself than Joe Buck and McCarver are together.


Dan Le Batard caused a Twitterspolsion when he tweeted "CesPEDS," so much vitriol directed at him rotflmao.gif

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Adam Jones is awesome.
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I remember last year when he made a game costing error against the Yanks while blowing a bubble and people freaked out not knowing he blows a bubble every play.


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How many times will Max Schrezer's two different colored eyes be mentioned tonight.
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Everyone in here is an AL fan except Steve, yeah? I'd like to see someone take Harvey yard in his own park.

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I'd like to see Rivera close it out
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And the Yankees DL grows! 96 to the knee?

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