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Buying old free agents is a bad strategy unless you have the money to eat your mistakes, which I have to assume the Indians do not.
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So, Brandon Inge is now a Pirate!
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So now that spring training games are only 9 days away I have some predictions.


Kuroda will not pitch as well as he did last year.

Nor will Andy Pettitte, Pineda will be a bust and probably re-injure his shoulder.

The Yankees will miss the postseason which will cause them to severely reduce Jeter's salary or let him go.

Cano will be resigned for too much money.


Orioles win the AL East, Blue Jays with a wildcard.

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Tigers win the WS......
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

Tigers win the WS......

My guess is the Dodgers. Better hitting, and better pitching. They should even beat the Giants this year.
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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post

What's up with V-Mart? I have a chance to keep him in one of my leagues and I'm not sure I should.
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You're not gonna like this but Nate Silver (GOD) has him rated at #12 for catchers.

But he also has Miggy at 4, Justin Verlander 7, and Prince Fielder 15 Overall.
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Well that's good since he's not catching at all this year except for an NL interleague game.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

Well that's good since he's not catching at all this year except for an NL interleague game.

In fantasy (as I'm sure you know), it's better if someone has a field position attached to their name. Even Big Papi is designated as 1B. V-Mart will be a 1B and a C.

IMO this is better than UTIL only. They just take up space and clog your lineup.

I bet his line will be about .295/15/70/60.

Solid, but nothing to write home about.

The other Tigers will be (this is a 4 yr. rolling average):

Avila- about the same except for a .250 BA

Peralta- Same as Avila ( I really like Peralta- I don't think he gets his props)

Dirks- Same lower BA .270 or so

Jackson- same except for .270

Torii- same .275

Miggy- Well we all know Miggy- Colossus. But he won't put up the same numbers as last year.

Prince .285 35 110 ( And he walks a lot. Wish he could run better smile.gif )

The good news is that the Tigers have a good lineup.

The bad news is the only diff between V-Mart and the rest of them is his BA.
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Yep especially if he gets the catcher designation. That would be huge.

I am pretty nervous the Tigers are leaving the closing duty to an overweight kid. Maybe he will channel his inner aroldis chapman.
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Absolutely right on the closer.

Setup to Det.

I spoke in error. V Mart is listed as only a C.

I don't see anyone else coming out of the AL, except for the LAA Angels

I see them being equal to the Tigers. Hitting better for LA. Trout, Reynolds, and Pujols. Pitching better for Tigers. Pitching will really be the Angels' Achilles heel this season.

I still see the LAD going all the way.

But being an SF fan as you know, I'd def be rooting for the Tigers if it was DET vs LAD.

I love Baseball!
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That's pretty generous with victor. Let land and the tigers have said he will not be catching other than an NL game or emergency. He is doing drills with the catchers now tho so who knows.

I think you're right about both LA teams. Angels should be the favorite in the West if not the whole AL. Their rotation outside of weaver and Wilson is sketchy. Even Wilson wasn't that great last year.

I know I said this last year but I really don't see anyone keeping pace with the Tigers. With Victor hitting behind Cabrera and Fielder, his numbers should be ridiculous if he can stay healthy. Hunter is going to bat second and should see nothing but fastballs hitting in front of Cabrera. He probably won't hit .313 like he did last year but even if its .280 that's still a lot more stable than what they had last year.

The closer situation is scary. If he falters its not the end of the world. They still have Benoit, Al Alburquerque, Dotel, and crazy Coke.

I don't think another team outside of the Dodgers like you mentioned stacks up to them in the starting rotation. Even at that tho i think they tigers are stronger top to bottom. Ryu is a question mark. Who knows what Beckett will bring. Maybe a location change will rejuvenate him.

As you can tell. I'm excited for opening day.
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I think the Giants have a better rotation, assuming Timmy gets back on track.

With Romo closing, I'd argue the best pitching in baseball.

The Phillies also have better pitching than the Dodgers.

Gonzalez+Kemp> Cabrera+Fielder=No way.

Verlander> Kershaw

Greinke> Scherzer

3,4,5 Push

Giants. Back to Back. smile.gif
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What do you guys think about this ever widening PED scandal here in Miami (wooooot!)? 5 more players were identified today.
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I was happy to see Ryan Braun on it. The lady doth protest too much.

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