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2017 MLB Season Thread - Page 114

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I don't recall being so emotionally drained from baseball like I've been the last few days in a LONG time.

If anything, this post season has been unbelievable so far. Great baseball all around.

And great laughs laugh.gif

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To contrast all the O's love in here:

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News blurb

Of the 18 LDS games so far, there have been eight 1 run games and 7 decided in the last at bat.
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I kind of want the Yankees to win.

We know the Yankees. They will be exhausted after all these extra inning games. We have beaten them before. The series will end in Detroit.
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A-Rod benched for Game 5!

I'm sure he'll be ready to strike out when he pinch hits tonight. lol8[1].gif
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No hits for either side through three. Looks like another nail-biter.
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Bleacher Report live updates for lolz:

6:01 PM ET
There's an unbelievable assurance of confidence every time Jeter steps into the batter's box. He's backed it up with a solid series so far at the plate. Just remember that when he's gone in a few years.

6:03 PM ET
Like I said, Jeter always strikes out in these big games. Trade him.

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I can't decide if these pitchers have been pitching out of their skulls or the batting has just been that bad. I'm leaning towards the former.


and lol @ Teix getting a steal.

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Close call with that McClouth shot but it was barely, almost inperceptably foul. CC is a machine.

GREAT hit by Ichiro. GO YANKS!
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Tigers vs Yankees.

Can't wait.
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Nationals are raking.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post


Not much, still here, in not-being-an-asshole land. It's a great place and you should check it out sometime.
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Man, this is why you need a fucking ace.
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Well this just got interesting.
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