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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

Doesn't he have about 100 million reasons why he doesn't want to retire and go away? That money would be hard to pass up.
Well, it looks like the Yankees are actively looking for ways to argue that he's breached or voided his contract, thereby letting them off the hook. Anyway, under my conspiracy theory, there definitely would be a financial component to the settlement as well.
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

A-Rod. is there any other great athlete so universally reviled in history? best I can come up with is OJ Simpson, but that was for something he did long after retirement

Maybe Michael Vick. Or Lance Armstrong. Or Baron von Raschke.
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I forgot Ric Flair
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Does bill buckner count?
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The thing about A-Rod as well is that it legitimately is an albatross for the Yankees. Sure they have plenty of money but that alone is so big it really prevents them from making too many moves.
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Lebron and Buckner aren't universally reviled. Lebron is loved in Miami (obv) and has a lot of fans internationally, even if you believe the America hates Lebron meme. Only Boston really hates Buckner, and even then it's a "you done fucked up" hate instead of "you are just a terrible human being" hate
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bucker was "forgiven, and welcomed back to boston" (and presumably the rest of New England) not once, but twice.

1st: Buckner returned to the Boston Red Sox for his 22nd and final major league season.

On April 9, the baseball season started at Fenway Park: "Opening Day I got a great ovation. Fans in Boston are really good. They really are. They liked me and they were always good to me, and I think they just got caught up in the media. Overall, they were good. That was probably why tears came to my eyes, and it was pretty emotional."

then more formally here:

just like lebron though.. just the act of a franchise winning can heal a lot of wounds.

Arod on the other hand is just smarmy... he's been accused/caught doing these things:

- actually conspiring with the opposing team's infielders to give each other signs for easier at-bats to pad stats during blowouts either winning or losing (hence the reason arod always seemed to hit so many garbage time HRs).
- the steroids
- the lying about steroids (even on camera during that huge story when it first broke).
- announcing his opting out into free agency during the world series (trying to upstage the playoffs even when the yankees were eliminated).
- his public dalliances while married (often with his favorite type: super muscular women).
- this details photo shoot caps everything.

i almost hope arod isn't self aware of his actions, because otherwise he really is a total piece of shit.
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A-Rod is pretty hated, but it would be tough to put him in Lance territory.

I am convinced that all this stuff between A-Rod and the Yanks is a high-stakes game of trying to position themselves for the most money.

It couldn't have happened to two nicer guys.
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The thing about Arod is that most Yankees fans hate him too.


In happier news, SORI IS BACK!

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It wasn't all that long ago when everyone was so happy that A-Rod would eventually break Bonds's HR record. No one seemed to think it was even conceivable that A-Rod was using PEDs.
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Actually, Bonds is probably about as reviled as A-Rod.
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Wasn't being completely serious about Buckner. And everyone knows the only reason the ball went between his legs was because he was wearing a CUBS batting glove under his mitt. So really when it comes down to it the Cubs are to blame. The whole city of Chicago, really.

I had no idea ARod was tipping/getting tipped pitches during blowouts. Wow. Total dick move. A big gleaming fuck you to his teammates. Well maybe just the pitcher. But still. Would also agree with Douglas. It's like they're jockeying for divorce or something and the settlement is all that matters.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Actually, Bonds is probably about as reviled as A-Rod.


I really hate that Arod tied Gehrig's grand slam record. I winced when I watched that one sail over the fence.

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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Actually, Bonds is probably about as reviled as A-Rod.

Beat me to it.

That call in to Francesca was part pathetic, incredibly akward and hilarious all at the same time.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Actually, Bonds is probably about as reviled as A-Rod.

I was at the first game Bonds played in Atlanta after he broke Aaron's record, sitting about 10 feet from the visitor's dugout and even closer to the field (he walked directly in front of us on his way to LF). Between the heckling and stadium-wide boos, he just got abused.

It was awesome.
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