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2016 MLB Season Thread - Page 106

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Don Kelly for president. He wins the game AND picks up Prince Fielder off the ground!
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Great come-from-behind victory for the Nats today. Let's go win game 2 and go home up 2-0!
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Did you guys just hear Cal Ripken, referring to the short positioning of the left fielder, saying they were "trying to take away that little chinker" from Ichiro?

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I heard the chinker comment. Recorded it on my phone too. Check out the Urban Dictionary definition too. SMH.
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Reds are laying the pipe to the Giants.
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So glad I stayed up to watch that 9th inning from the Yankees. CC was pitching a GREAT game. Looking forward to see if vintage Petite shows up out there tonight.

Poor Orioles fans are not used to seeing that happen based on the 2nd half of this season.
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Ugh, lousy lousy lousy. So crushing.

I hate to say it, but I've been watching these guys all season and Jim Johnson, IMO, had been living on borrowed time for a while. At the beginning of the season, his sinker was filthy, but as the season's gone on, it seems like it's had less movement. It also seems that he's lost a few MPH and also a bit of command. It was easy in May-June; all he had to do was throw low. Now he's got to try to paint inside-outside because the stuff's not there. A few saves have been shaky recently, and he's been poor in non-save opps. I was actually upset to see him warming up in the 8th.

But hey, who am I to second-guess Buck. The man is a genius. Sometimes one doesn't work out for you.
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Why have they delayed a game in a city where it is not raining baldy[1].gif

EDIT: Apparently it is raining. Meredith Marakovitz's tweet is a LIE!

EDIT 2: 8:45 start

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Fuck! That was a real sloppy game all around. Too many missed opportunities, on both sides. 1-1 headed back to NY.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Fuck! That was a real sloppy game all around. Too many missed opportunities, on both sides. 1-1 headed back to NY.

Both sides looked funny last night. Petite and the Yanks got lucky on that play Jeter flubbed, runner should have gone. Ichiro looked like a ninja avoiding those tags. So many opportunities squandered, however I can't complain about splitting away at Camden. Take it home in the Bronx!

I'm going to tomorrow's game and gave tickets to my dad for Game 4 (can't go, work event).
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lucky prick
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I could have gone last night, just too much.
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I can't believe Thomson sent him on that play. Any real catcher would have easily gotten him.

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LOL. Real catcher? Wieters is one of the best defensive catchers in baseball.
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