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Canali question

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I'm curious -- does anyone know if Canali suits and sport jackets are fused or not?  I assume they are not, other than the Propesta (sp?) line, which I assume is fused. Thanks.
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To the best of my knowledge (which is pretty paltry) they are not fused. Canali suits are, when on sale, a really good bang for the buck, so to speak. I certainly prefer them over Armani Le Collezione, for example.
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I have two Canali items: a suit with really nice fabric that came from a high-end men's store in the area, as well as a somewhat mediocre blazer I got cheap on Ebay that apparently came from a mid-range dept store. Neither of them are fused, and to my knowledge none of the Canalis I've examined in person in stores were fused, so I think it's safe to say that all mainline Canali items are canvas front. I've never seen a Canali Proposta suit/jacket in person, though, so I don't know how that compares.
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I agree Thrac: Canali suits are a heck of a bargain when you can get them for $500 or so. And I wouldn't hesitate to spend $350 or so for a sport coat from Canali if I really liked it. Canali and Corneliani are, IMO, two of the best bargains out there.
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Canalis are made on a canvas front, not fused. I have a 10 year old proposta suit which is also not fused. Don't know how they are made or marketed today, but back then, the proposta line wasn't less expensive, it was just a bit less conservative in cut and cloth. The tailoring was otherwise identical to the classic line. I agree with others that rate them as bargains. They are not made all by hand, but they are hand sewn where it counts the most, and are terrific quality for the money, particularly when you get them from Blue Fly. I've since gone on to other suits, but I'm still wearing (and getting compliments on) Canali suits I bought 11 years ago. The fact that they have stood up to such hard wear is a testament to their quality. Kai
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