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Possible group by from Carmina

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Many people have expressed interest in buying a pair of Carmina cordovan shoes like those that Kolecho posted in a thread earlier this week.

This seems to be the situation as it currently stands:

1. Kolecho purchased his for 550 Euros (around USD 690).

2. Kolecho believes that a French or Spanish speaker would be the best person to be the contact with Carmina.

3. By my reckoning, 7-10 people have expressed interest.

4. Sky Valet may be a contact for the order.

I have been under the impression, possibly mistaken, that discounts on group buys are more likely when the order is pretty much the same shoe, with differences in only in size and color. When people start asking for additional broguing, different models of shoe, and the like, then economies of scale are lost. Who knows if this would be the case with a group order from Carmina.

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Let me know if you get a group together and can make the order at a bit of a discount. I am a sucker for a wholecut.

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I may be in for something like this. I need to find my Carmina size first. I'll know that by the beginning of January (after a trip to NYC).

(How's that for thread revival )
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I have fallen in love with the cordovan wholecut 5 eyelet derbu/chukka boot the fabric forum people (london lounge) have put together. We probably can piggyback a bit on that in Cordovan or calfskin.

We should get Tom involved at Leather Soul as he is about to carry them.

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Is that it ?

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Your avatar has mad camel toe.
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Originally Posted by Baron
Your avatar has mad camel toe.
Get your mind out of the gutter and back on shoes, young man!
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Well, the shoes are pretty hot - that I can see. I have a few pairs of standard chukka boots but I was stymied in an attempt to get a pair of custom Martegani monk boots. Then the Mantellassi monk boots in this recent shipment that Lance got was not my size. A previous Mantellassi monk boot I got from Lance was too small and returned. In other words, make it a monk boot and I'm in like Flynn.
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When Alden ordered the LL boot from Carmina pictured above, the price was E550. The design, colour, last, material are constant, only size differs. I also doubt there is much to be had in terms of group discounts for a small group order. Good luck!
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