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Didn't have high hopes for my team this year, but losing to Sacramento State pretty much kills any hope there was. And now we have Wisconsin next week in Camp Randall, going to be a massacre. Only positive is we have the leading rusher in CFB at the moment, will be interesting to see how he does the rest of the season.
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Maryland's uniforms were amazing. I am biased as alumni. Was at the game tonight, what a finish.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

Maryland's uniforms were amazing. I am biased as alumni. Was at the game tonight, what a finish.

Fuck you and your shitty uniforms too!

Fucking Canes. This is going to be a rough year. Thank god I barely pay attention.
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Rambo, I hate to say it, but everyone loves when the Hurricanes lose.

I know how it feels to love the most hated team, though. I'm a life long Cowboys fan.
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Originally Posted by nerdykarim View Post

probably the most pathetic shoe circle ever posted on sf.

last night, people seemed to blame offensive coordinator mike bobo a lot more than coach mark richt. i was a little bit disappointed in our performance, but there's no denying that boise has a solid team this year.

Bobo's playcalling is absolutely baffling. Even when he does open it up some, he calls somethng completely boneheaded on the next play. For example, it was great to see Georgia try to throw down the field on first down, but it was infuriating to see Bobo call a run up the middle on second-and-10 when the pass didn't work out.

There's a part of me that hopes BSU was just that good, and Georgia will bounce back against USC this week, continuing to improve dramatically as the young guys gain experience. However, it's hard to have a lot of faith in that happening right now. I could have dealt with it if Georgia had simply lost to BSU - there's no shame losing to a top-five team - but what concerns me is how similar Saturday night looked to last season. It's one thing to lose to a great team; it's another thing entirely to lose while making the same mistakes that got you into trouble last year, especially when all of the offseason talk centered around fixing those mistakes.

This weekend will be very, very telling for Georgia.
Originally Posted by eg1 View Post

You won't catch me making any more ridiculous pronouncements about GT beating Georgia -- 2009 cured me of that. Winning 1 of every 3 is probably a realistic goal.

Having said that, I know Georgia fans are hurting, and hurting bad, when you are reduced to "well, we can always beat Tech". satisfied.gif

If Richt's seat was hot before, it positively must be on fire now, and God help him if uSCAR and the ole ball coach do them between the hedges next week ... devil.gif

It's disturbing to me that Tech fans are so content with being the little brother who has simply accepted the fact that big bro will beat on them whenever he feels like it.

His seat's not as hot as everyone seems to think, at least not yet. Beat USC this weekend, and all the "hot seat" talk will vanish.
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Oregon got dropped like some hot lead or some such shit.

USA Today Poll
1 Oklahoma (43) 1-0 1454
2 Alabama (9) 1-0 1412
3 LSU (7) 1-0 1366
4 Florida State 1-0 1198
5 Boise State 1-0 1197
6 Stanford 1-0 1180
7 Oklahoma State 1-0 1038
8 Texas A&M 1-0 997
9 Wisconsin 1-0 988
10 Nebraska 1-0 910
11 Virginia Tech 1-0 863
12 South Carolina 1-0 827
13 Arkansas 1-0 786
14 Oregon 0-1 752
15 Ohio State 1-0 686
16 Michigan State 1-0 584
17 Mississippi State 1-0 497
18 Florida 1-0 375
19 Missouri 1-0 309
20 Penn State 1-0 247
21 Texas 1-0 231
22 Auburn 1-0 197
23 Arizona State 1-0 189
24 West Virginia 1-0 185
25 TCU 0-1 140
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Texas beats fucking Rice and moves into the top 25. I have no idea how good Texas is this year and might never find out if I don't figure out who will go through the trouble of getting the Longhorn Network.
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Well Rice is known for its prowess on the gridiron, so that ought to tell you something, no?
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pretty sure texas was ranked in the USA today poll going into the season. they were unranked in AP and now they're in and LOLburn is out of that one.
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^^ Neither Auburn nor TCU belong in that top 25.

On a more important note, Texas A&M to the SEC is almost official, provided someone finds a way to appease Baylor.


A threat of legal action by Baylor has, at least temporarily, held up Texas A&M's move to the SEC. The SEC's presidents voted unanimously Tuesday night to extend an invitation to Texas A&M to become the league's 13th member, but that invitation is contingent upon all of Texas A&M's Big 12 counterparts waiving their right to a legal challenge.
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Another reason to hate the Baptists with a passion.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

Another reason to hate the Baptists with a passion.

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No one else is sad at the implosion of the Big 12? I like the regional rivalries. frown.gif
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what i don't get is why don't these schools form their own conference rather than trying to join another? I mean if you have UT, OU, BYU Arkansas, + a few other "legit" football schools, surely a BCS berth would come with that...
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