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unwrikling a rain coat

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I have a 100% cotton raincoat (its decent, but not great quality, made by Penguin) that I just washed and it is now wrinkled. I was wondering if it is OK to iron cotton raincoats, or whether there was a special coating or something on the material that would make ironing not a good idea. I'm worried about shine. The tag says "warm iron" but I don't want to go ahead without consulting the Forum experts! Any idea? Better to steam, maybe?
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Yes steam.
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I've heard that ironing helps actually helps restore the water repellancy.
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I'm not sure steam without pressure is enough. If you need the pressure of an iron, use a press cloth to help prevent shine. I was taught that the shine is from over pressing/too much heat. What's a press cloth? A clean piece of of 100% white woven cotton without any chemicals and without any print will do.
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Yes. You can iron your coat. ALWAYS use a pressing cloth. Otherwise, you'll singe your fibers. Iron the inside, first. Then, the exterior. You should have a sleeve board, too . . . invaluable, for pressing sleeves, shoulder areas, and cuffs. btw: I always iron both the inside and outside, of my garments. Shirts, especially.
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