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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post
I'm very forgetful.

A few weeks ago watching my parents' place while they were on their anniversary trip was using their car and shit.

So I get home--last day I'm there. Go in the house through the kitchen, go to the living room that's it.

Realize I want to go to the store.

I've lost the car key.

I shit you not, I walked 20 feet.

Went through trash, recycling, cushions, everything. No luck.

Cost to replace: $400.

Haha wow.
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Originally Posted by Slopho View Post
Didn't you lose your credit card the night of the last DC SF meet up?

Um, don't think so. I did lose it at the same bar (The Passenger) a month or so afterwards.

Yeah, I go through about 3 credit card replacements a year.
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Not me. My issue is others (my wife for or our oldest daughter) borrowing things and then forgetting where they put them (for example, car keys). Our middle and youngest daughters have my habits of being almost anal about where things are kept, but the other two, wherever things are dropped.
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Originally Posted by Jodum5 View Post
Anyone else have a habit of losing things? I do as many a friend and family member has mentioned. Let's recap (from things pissing you off thread)

The umbrella is a smaller Gustbuster. Not teeny but small. Anyway, I left it in one of those "community" umbrella baskets at a restaurant while it was sleeting/snowing one night. Hour of drinking or so later and it was gone. Someone must've taken it.

Yeah, don't know why I lose things so easily. A lot of it is drinking related (get wasted somewhere and leave some under a table or coat check. But for fun let's do a quick rundown:

Filson zippered tote bags x2 - both at a bar (or was it on the train?) after getting shitfaced one night (over two years).
LL Bean Tote x1 - same as above.
3-5 Gustbuster umbrella - 3 in the lost bags above. 1 at the restaurant as mentioned above. A big gustbuster at a hotel after LSAT class.
Winter Coat during winter x1 - new years 2010, went to some party with Magician. Blacked out and woke up in my apartment with no coat. It was 30 degrees or something outside
Cell Phone x2 - First time 5-6 years ago sophomore year in college lost it at a friends house after a day bbqing and horse shoes. Second time 3 years ago. Got trashed with a friend. Had my phone that night. It was no where to be found the next day (may've tossed it over the balcony)
Expensive as shit RL PL sunglasses - in LL Bean tote as above.
Cheaper but nice as shit RL sunglasses
Cheap but nice as shit khaki trench coat.

Lessons learned - Leave bag, gloves, sunglasses and anything not critical behind when going out for the night. It's worked well so far but no idea how I lost my glove dead sober at 12pm on the train.

Et toi?

Bolded have been added since last weekend. BRoke my leave things of interest behind at the office when going out for drinks after work. Had no intention of staying out past 11 or 12 so felt I would be in the clear. No .
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Oh shizzz... I've lost plenty in my life. Let me see:

- Nokia 8850 a week after getting it. Was the most expensive cell at the time
- Motorola V
- MB Ball pen
- Wallet two times
- LV Messenger Bag
- Staff Pass
- B&O ear phones
- Armani Umbrella
- Navy Sports Jacket
- Person sunnies
- Specs

I'm sure theres others... but the pain.
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I can't think of anything I have lost but I check my for pockets for my phone, keys, wallet every time I stand up.
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i've been losing a lot more stuff since i started work including but not limited to my mind.

i blame it on stress
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This is actually a story I just remembered recently.

So when I was in HS I got a class ring. Got the bus home and was doing stuff in the lawn. Put my ring in my breast pocket of my shirt. Get inside realize it isn't there. There was no way I was going to find it outside.

Anyway, at least a couple years later I bought a replacement ring. It was like 60 bucks and figured why not, I paid much more for it originally.

Well I had had that for a few years and its been a long time since I had the original.

Had to run some errands at like 10 AM one day during work, stop at grocery store pick up a sub. Get back to my car, there's my ring sitting on top of the car. Go, huh, don't remember putting it on this morning (don't wear it anymore, not everyday then) but whatever. Someone got lucky guessing which car it came from.

Well that day I go home, take off my ring, put it away and see...the replacement class ring in my little case. Somehow, the ring I lost IN MY PARENTS BACKYARD was found by someone else, and several years later, completely randomly happened to be at the same parking lot when I wasn't there, recognized me, had the ring, saw my car and put it there. Just strange all around.
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That's fucking creepy, dude. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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This close to adding my wallet to the list. Paid cab driver last night and walk toward my apartment. Check my pockets as I normally do and notice no wallet. Panick silently for a few minutes then decide to walk back to where I was dropped off (across the street) and luckily I find the thing lying there on the road. I had been drinking but certainly not wasted. Must've fallen off my lap after I got out of the car.
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