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BBC and ITV calling BREXIT wins. My god did the markets get it so wrong.
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It's done.
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How far down do you guys think we're going to go tomorrow? S&P already down 3.6% pre-market.
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I know markets love stability, but I think this is great news in the long term.  Time to buy on the cheap.

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Sinn Fein wants a vote on Irish reunification
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Northern Ireland and Scotland (again) might as well hold a referendum to leave GB and join up the Euro. From what I read it was mainly England that wanted to leave minus London.
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I have some cash waiting for a home... bring it
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Let's not forget that February lows were lower than the futures currently. 


From the BBC: England voted leave 53.4% to 46.6% and Wales voted leave 52.5% to 47.5%. Scotland voted stay 62% to 38% and Northern Ireland voted stay 55.8% to 44.2%


Also no more Fed interest rate raises for a while after this

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We may see multiple days of decline, depends on whether today is a 500 pointer. The market will overreact.

Personally, I'm crying inside thinking of these poor helpless foreign bankers in the London financial district. What will they do?
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Feels a little too early to make any sizable trades.
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Yeah, I'm on the fence about wether or not to put more money in, or wait a while for this mess to unfold. I started adding to oil positions way too early after the Saudis kept pumping (fall 2014 IIRC), so I'm a bit gun shy at the moment, it's been working out but those positions would be massively profitable if I waited about a while longer.

IE the stuff I bought late 2015-early 2016 makes me feel like a champion, and the stuff I bought prior to that makes me feel like a complete idiot.
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One for the history books.
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Since adding to my retirement positions would not have an impact, I'll probably add to the little guys college fund.

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The way things in the world seem to be going, I think I should invest in companies that specialize in building walls...

Leaving a massive free trade zone over some pretty squabbles...a move that by many accounts won't even resolve many of those squabbles...
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