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I bought some premarket at 194, sold it for 202/203, then bought and sold a bunch of times between 200-202/3 in the morning, then kept buying down and now I'm holding too much, it's sitting at 197 and I'm basically at breakeven holding more than I'd like... so I hope this blows over quickly or comes back up at least a few percent so I can trim it.

Overall I think the idea makes sense and seems like it was inevitable, but the timing of it doesn't. TSLA hasn't even really gotten up and running and stable yet. They need like 5 years before doing this kind of thing.
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TSLA is a cult stock that people love to own and don't care if it loses money.  TSLA has manufacturing constraints so some of those people that pre-ordered a Model 3 will have to wait until 2020 to get a car.  Would you buy a "insert car" with current looks but not receive it until 2020?  I wouldn't.  


Someone mentioned TSLA being an energy company play which may pan out but do you want your money just sitting there hoping it pans out or would you rather have it in some other company?  


If I had to choose buy or sell, I would sell the stock at least now.

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I hope this point isn't too contentious... I own a few companies like TSLA that I actually just think are cool and there's some emotion involved in wanting to be a part of it all without buying a car or something... I still use it as a trading stock and at the right price have always sold it even when it went higher later I never looked back... but for the most part I just treat my stocks as widgets. They go up and down, I buy and sell, the alerts and orders go off and I move money from one to another. I simply see this as a big name with an overaction on the stock, a good opportunity to buy and sell it off quickly as it 'recovers' and make some cash. As it happens becuase it's TSLA I sort of just like the company and want to own some, but I still treat it as a flip and when the right number comes I'll sell. There are other companies, very few, that I'm willing to buy and just hold becuase I think they'll do well on a much longer timeline and they seem quite stable so I just adjust a bit here and there, like say DIS or (arguably) AAPL, etc.
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I understand the short-term and trading it for a few bucks here or there but over the long-term I think it would be risky to purchase TSLA due to what I mentioned.

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Oh boy, here we go:

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I am glued to the stocktwits volatility feeds watching this... have some money in them. Remain up by a bit right now.
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my buddy shorted the hell out of this, GBP in potential free fall
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JFC this shit is so close, it's nuts. Talk about the perfect setup for some volatility trades.
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Leave pulling ahead quite a bit. Buckle your belts boys.
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Goodbye Britain, hello dissolution of the EU.

Oh hai, market turmoil.
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Dow futures down 550 points.

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

my buddy shorted the hell out of this, GBP in potential free fall

jesus he had a stop at 1.38 but can't exit because it's illiquid ... people think it's gonna plummet more ?!
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S&P down 3.5%

pound down 9% vs dollar.



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Futures bloodbath
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should have switched to bonds for the day. 



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