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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

I don't know why I didn't buy more TSLA yesterday before market close. I mean you can't predict the future but was almost guaranteed to go up the next day. Could have sold premarket and made 5-7% easily. Oh well, I just sold off half of my remaining stake at 146 and am considering selling the rest now too. Not sure if it's going to come down a bit and i'd buy back in or if it'll go up another 5-10% again in the coming days.
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well, obviously yeah. It was at 246 this morning and 146 a month or two ago...

Having bought it all the way from 220 down to 150, I've sold off most of it now at a reasonable profit. It may very well go to 300 but for me I'll sell the rest if it can hit 250 and wait to rebuy starting at 220 downwards.
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This article will make GF and Mouse cry: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35940300
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At least I still own my .00000000000001% of AAPL 😊
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Originally Posted by ramuman View Post

It's pretty obvious Tesla will mop the floor in that segment. The competition is the Leaf, the Volt and Bolt, the i3, 500e, the plug-in Prius, etc. I think they'll also poach a bunch of people looking at ICE cars in that price range.

That's a pretty uninspiring list of cars. Other than the Prius, I hardly ever see any of the others.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

GLF which went from the $3 range to over $7 within a week or so is coming back down and is now at around 5.3. I just bought back in with a little nibble. If it goes back up to 6-6.5 I'll sell this little portion and if it keeps going down I'll start increasing my buys in theory all the way back down to where it was if it ever gets there. I'm just riding these ups and downs.

I'm rather overextended into MU and TWTR and I've decided to just buy my way out instead of selling at a loss so have put in some pretty big buy orders if they drop just to lower my average 'cost' and hopefully can exit out of them soon enough.

Then there are others I'm just itching to put more money into but they're higher than I want to get in at. AAPL, TSLA, DIS, NLY (that yield!).

No div but HHC seems to move around quite a bit. I mean it was at 120-130 not too long ago and last month or two I was buying it hard at 90 or so. I'm playing around with buying/selling between 99/100-104/5. It's only a 5% spread but seems to move between those two every few days and I'm making a few bucks here and there beyond my main holding of it.

I sold off my NLY due to the weakening yieldcurve. Taking about a 15% profit overall on that position. 


I have a stake in GLF but I'm not adding at all. The OSV market is in a terrible state. 

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Anyone here follow DEPO or AKRX?
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Things seem to have recovered nicely...this is what the liftetime gain/loss on my current IRA holdings looks like:

Not 100% sure that 700% one is reported correctly...that seems...high
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Unfortunately, my non-robo taxable account still looks like this (the robo one is about flat):
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What % cash are you brah?

I'm itching to deploy more of mine.
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Crazy to make VRX 5-10% of my portfolio? It's only .7% now.

Thinking the negative news is done at this point. All speculation of course.

Hmm... 🤔
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I dunno...like zero?

I mean, I have cash in savings accounts, but that doesn't count.
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So you're fully invested in your taxable brokerage account?
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I mean, there's a couple hundred bucks floating around, but otherwise yes.

Ditto for the wisebanyan robo advisor account.

I mean...if I didn't want the money invested, why did I put it in my brokerage account?
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Otc, tell me about your Wisebanyan. I've an invite with $15 credit waiting.
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