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Well fuck...egg on my face for thinking yesterday would be bottom for ATVI.

That LinkedIn though...
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God dammit, why didn't I toss those google shares?
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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

Eh, it's being priced in early last year in credit market. Just that you ain't paying attention. Check my post last October/Novemver about the drought in high yield liquidity.

It takes time to propagate.

As Mark Twain said, how do you bankrupt? Slowly and then suddenly.
We are still at the slow phase.

I have a feeling CHK will be one of the first.


At this point with my shares worth $3 I am holding onto them for the potential upside. Thankfully I never invested that much, so if it goes totally out at least I get 30% back in tax savings.

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What a bloody day. As bloody as the steak I just ate for lunch.


Good thing I'm 60% cash.

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I'm 100% in and damn, what a day. Pretty upset at all this. I realize they're all 'tech' stocks and 'overvalued' but the numbers coming out on LNKD, AMZN, NFLX, and even TSLA are just wild. Just can't catch a break here, sigh. Oh well, who needs to retire
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This market stresses me out.
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What is the reason? I do not see any major headlines.

Are investors afraid of the Chinese?
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CNY starts today. Won't have much news coming out of China for a week. Annual ritual of capital crunch ended today as well.
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Suncor makes major long term score.
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Yikes I lost like 25k in my holdings today. Cognizant is taking a beating
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Pain + Reflection = Progress.

A few bad trades this year or I should still be positive for the year. Now I only outperform SPX by a few points.
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Only down 2.9% on the year so we are outperforming the SPX but still red.

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Wow, this is carnage.

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Yeah, even my laid back, look only at the long term approach is getting a bit miffed at this point.
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