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Originally Posted by wangyin View Post

I remember I utilized to enjoy that show for enjoyment purposes when he would destroy his whole studio every one show, but lost attention when he was forced to tone down





For information, I set google alerts on what I'm interested in to send to google reader. For news, PR, etc.
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Looks like Zagg is on the move. Been in the 16s today
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Dvax failed to deliver to the hype. Sold half on recoil from am panic sell, keeping half for future pipeline drugs.

Broke even minus a dollar so really cant complain
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Portfolio down big time all day today, then checked at the end of the day and I'm in the green. Volatility used to make me sick to my stomach. Now I get off to it.

Was getting kinda worried about the potential breakdown in the GPXM chart the last few days, but bounced off support at 20EMA today. Not that I would have sold, I will hold the gold heh.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post


GLUU looking good. AMRN trying to start a run. ACTC doing nothing, but we still have a few weeks to go for Phase I results. Exciting!

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I own shares, so it's a "we" now, yes sir.
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Anyone know what the date of the DNKN IPO is?
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expected 7/26
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Originally Posted by yjeezle View Post

where do you go for most of your information (other than yahoo finance, google finance, seeking alpha)

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Raptor (RPTP) panic sold today on fear over news down 24%, which was actually good news. Hoping the analyst coverage raising target to 10 brings some hype back (or FDA approval comes)
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Getting absolutely killed today. Glad I'm just trading virtual cash at the moment...

Still, I'm up +3.7% since Monday. FIO and YNDX are keeping me green, even though they've been a lot less green today.
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Bought Dunkin Donuts DNKN at open and am up on it. Its having a decent opening day with a very bad market.
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Well today sure was ugly. Still feeling good about my (fake money) picks. I was actually up 0.03% today, which given the atrocious market has me feeling pretty good. My best picks were YNDX, FIO, TAOM, and RATE.
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blockbuster caught fire today.
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Originally Posted by norcaltransplant View Post

Sold TOT @ 58.25 (purchase price $55.79)
Repurchased @ $54.85 (7/11/11)

Will buy again if TOT loses another 5-10%

This is just fun money. My 403b is heavily weighted in the Wellsley Fund and not to be touched.

Sold TOT (7/21/11) @ 56.05

Repurchased this AM (TOT) @ 54.42.

Looking @ WY for longterm play. I was originally going to buy either TOT or VOD as a longterm dividend play though went with TOT due to my fears about euro volatility/weakness. Since oil is pegged to the dollar, TOT offers a bit more protection
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