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I adhere to a Vanguard philosophy and haven't changed my allocations at all for the past 9 months. A lot of my savings is tied to a biannual windfall bonus so I try spread my automatic investments into three to four month blocks. Im currently underweighted in bonds, and cant find much motivation to delve into fixed income given the historically poor yields and minimal bond offerings in my tax deferred space (403b).

As far as individual stocks, I don't really have the time to actively follow the market. I placed the coal industry, particularly ANR, on my watch list after Obama won the election. Coal companies have been pretty battered, though the world remains addicted to cheap energy. I also owned a small position in Total (TOT) which will likely benefit from the recent French ruling against the 70+% income tax rate.
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just closed my zillow and zagg positions... lost a ton on zagg but i'm still bearish--i think it will tank after next earnings report.

bearish on zillow too...

but most bearish on intuitive surgical. check out the report on

i think macro is against that stock too--obamacare can't be good for devices like this.

also january will be brutal for stocks.
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sticking with them! thanks skinny..

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No prob, just my opinion for what it's worth. I added some KRFT this morning.
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Pretty happy with the results from today, I suppose the end of the debate has put income investors at ease.
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I think 2013 will be a great year for the stock market.

Granted, I said the exact same thing for 2012, lol (S&P is up 13% this year, so suck it!).
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Any of you guys own shares of the mass homebuilders, like DR Horton? How about energy companies that specialize in fracking?

Also, I think we'll see Apple rebound pretty dramatically after Q1 earnings and maintain that momentum moving forward.
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I own Exxon, which owns XTO.
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XTO specialises in fracking. I don't own any home builders and have no plans to buy any, I feel that I have enough exposure to that sector by owning manufacturers and banks which both see benefit by new homes and turnover of existing homes.
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I still hold AGNC in my roth IRA and I have a large chunk of TRREX which is a fund that holds a bunch of real estate equities (although there are many commercial companies in there with the residential stuff).

If I owned my own home, I would hold a significantly smaller portion of my IRA/401k in real estate related assets.
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I am trying to figure out what to hold in my Roth IRA.  It is cash right now and considering on waiting until the debt ceiling is figured out.  Yea I am sure they will increase it but equities will take a bit of a beating before then.


I am open to nice dividend gainers but those REIT's paying out 10%+ are more risk than I am willing to take.

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how do you guys like HLF now with Chapman's rebuttal?


can I post my holdings/positions on the internet or is that an SEC violation? 

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ACTC had a bit of a pop there
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^^ Dont see any news? What gives?
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Seems like Apple has fallen off the tree.
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