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Band Of Outsiders, Thom Browne, Supreme Box Shirt, Club Monaco Slim Mac, Bastian

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Yet another round of closet purge to make room for some other items I've been oggling. Prices include shipping within Canada/US, please let me know if you're overseas so we can figure out the cheapest and/or safest way to get you your goods. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions.

Fred Perry British Millerain Waxed Jacket, size S - $140
Bought last month at Fred Perry Toronto. Love the style, but should have bought a XS. Fits TTS.

Thom Browne White Oxford Size 0 - $100

This was a sample piece when TB was still making all his shirts in the US. A really solid piece that I bought off someone on SuFu, but it's a little too tight for me (I'm between a 0-2, depending on the cut). The shirt shows a little wear, but it's priced accordingly.

Band Of Outsiders Polo, Size 1 - $90
Bought off another member, it looked navy in the photos, but this is what I got. I'll keep it if it doesn't sell, but maybe someone else may be interested in taking it off my hands for less than what I paid for it. Brand new with tags from Barney's.

J.Crew 484 Slim Charcoal Cords, 31x32 - $30

Bought these on sale for $60 last year, I wore them twice to work. I like the "idea" of cords, but not so much on myself.

Michael Bastian for Gant Polo, size M - $50
Brand new, with tags, slim fit. Nice details, makes a great basic polo.

Michael Bastian for Gant Wool V-Neck, size M - $95
Awesome wool sweater with tons of character. Neat patches on the elbow, typical of Bastian's collabs and his own pieces.

J.Crew Teal Washed Oxford, size XS - $PENDING
Bought this while I was in New York in April. I was excited because we don't have J.Crew [yet] in Canada, and they weren't shipping here at the time. Unfortunately, it never worked into my rotation, so I wore it 2 or 3 times and washed it.

Nudie Thin Finn "Crispy Crinkles" size 33x30 - $85
Bought these at Holt Renfrew before Christmas, had them hemmed (original cuffs are on so they don't look hemmed), and wore them 2 or 3 times. I bought them because the wash is VERY similar to the Dior Dust wash. I'm only selling because I'd like to try to Grim Tim's. If you're a 30 in APC or a 31/32 in Dior, these will fit you.

Dr. Denim/Minderd Slim Fit Destroyed Jeans, size 32/34 - $35
These fit very similar and look almost identical to the Michael Bastian for Gant jeans released for F/W 2010. All the "destroyed" areas are pre-patched. A great, slim cut.

Supreme x Kaws Blue Box Shirt, Size Medium - $105
Just got the shirt from Supreme along with a hoodie and a hat--decided to hold onto the hoodie and hat, but I don't like the way the shirt fits. Asking $105--it's still way less than what they're going for on eBay, and I'm also throwing in two Supreme stickers. Bag is not included though. I will also provide a copy of the original receipt if requested (either via email or hard copy, you choose)

Club Monaco Summer Mac, size XS Tan - $90
Bought this last year, I wore it all of twice--I sill have the tag. A great spring jacket, I'll definitely be keeping it if I can't find a W+H mac in my size. $90. I haven't taken photos yet, but here's a shot from Club Monaco:

Styleforum has been good to me since I joined a few years back. I've managed to score some amazing deals on here, and I've met some awesome people. I wanted to give back to the community by offering up some items that probably aren't worth selling, and I wanted to give everyone first dibs on here. The only catch with the items below is that I will not pay out of pocket for shipping--I'm being generous, but not a charity. Shirts will be $10 to ship, I will have to look into it for sweaters. I'm hoping that these pieces may be able to spruce up some lucky member's wardrobe out there. As with my last round of freebies, remember to pay it forward!

RW & Co. Button Up, size S - FREE
I totally feel bad giving this away as my sister got this for Christmas for me, but I know I'm not going to wear it. Instead of it sitting in my closet for 6 months, I'd like it to go to someone who will really like it. It's got a nice spread collar, too!

Roots, L-R-G & DC Hoodies - FREE[/b]
The Roots sweater in the top left is black with subtle maroon stripes, and has a beaver stitched on the chest. It's size XS, but fits like a S in most other brands. The Purple DC sweater (top right) is size S. The LRG and red Roots sweaters (bottom row) are both size small, although the Roots sweater fits a little larger. All the sweaters are really comfy, but all I find myself wearing are my W+H and Franklin Marshall sweaters. I'd like to check out a TB or BoO hoodie from this season, so there's no need to have so many around. --BLACK ROOTS AND LRG HOODIES GONE.

Tom Ford For Men 100ml
My first mistake was buying this off eBay, but the seller was in Canada and had decent feedback. I can't say for sure whether this bottle is real or counterfeit, as I've only ever purchased the 50ml bottles. I sprayed it once, and it smelled a little different than the 50ml I bought at Sephora, so I just went out and bought another smaller bottle from Holt Renfrew instead. I can't in good conscience sell this, so it's up for grabs to anyone who wants to try it out. I've never shipped fragrances (or liquids, for that matter) internationally, so I assume no responsibility if it gets confiscated.

Rudsak Leather Belts, Size 32
I bought these two belts Boxing Day 2008, partly because they were a good price, and partly because I didn't want to leave the mall empty handed. In either case, I didn't try the belts on, and they barely fit me. Since I don't have to get dressed up for work and I usually wear my suits without a belt, these have never been used. One is black, and the other is dark brown, and they're genuine leather. They are a size 32, but fit TTS, or even a little small. Sorry, I don't have a photo just yet.

Thanks for looking!
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check pm
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Price drops on remaining items.
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Added duffle coat, price drop on the BoO!
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actual waist and inseam on the WH chinos?
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measurements on orange BOO please?
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Drops on everything.
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Added CP desert boots!
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What are the measurements for the duffle coat?
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common projects look good
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More drops.
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same, could we get the measurements on the duffle?
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Also interested in the measurements on the duffle
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Added a TON of new items.
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Can I enquire how much international shipping (to Singapore) would be for the 2 RL shirts? Sorry to post here, I am a new member and cannot PM.
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