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Thanks. Today I cut and sewed the straps for mom's bag. Next I need to do the lining and it's done!
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Bloody fucking brilliant. Can't wait to see how your work on these evolve.
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Very nice. I want!!

Where did you get the leather?
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Well done! Your dad is going to be super proud to sport it and tell everyone who made it!
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Originally Posted by wiimii View Post

But if you use edge creaser and spacers,

and spend a bit more time on the edges,

This. I also think that a smaller stitch size would look better, as would linen thread so you dont have to pull up the stitches quite so tight. We stitch at 10spi as a min, but 8 would be enough for your stitching to look more elegant and professional. An edging tool will also help to make the exposed edges look more finished and wear less badly.

I disagree with the posters saying add more detail. Add the features you want or need, but dont add anything uneccassary - let the leather and workmanship speak for itself. The bags look good and you'll only get better with practice.

They're good bags, you should be pleased with them,

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Thanks guys. I got the leather at Bruttens Village. $75 shipped for a side of beef. I do the edges by applying dark sole edge dressing then wax polish and rubbing until it's smooth. I know there are devices that do this but my way is much quicker.
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