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Yuketen F/W 2011

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leather patch on a yuketen bag. note the prominence of the maine guide boot.

Words by Jian DeLeon
Photos by Ryan Kibler

When we last visited Yuki Matsuda, Pete and Albert were lucky enough to get in a few words with the very busy man.

I was not as fortunate. Surrounded by a gaggle of buyers and bloggers, the Yuketen booth at (capsule) proved to be pretty popular. My photographer Ryan and I decided to focus on what was most important: the product.

Yuketen stands out amongst a sea of shoemakers because of how they combine classic manufacturing techniques and quality products with a bit of fanciful design. Plenty of these shoes like the Brass Stud Loafers and the Quilted Maine Guide boots would complement Keizo Shimizu's "Needles" line or your favorite Pendleton Navajo-print poncho quite well.

This season they are taking a departure from a lot of their crepe-soled shoes and adding vibram soles, while not as clunky as the ones you'd see on a Red Wing boot, the new addition is sleeker and suddenly makes the footwear seem more versatile. They're even venturing into broguing some of their Maine Guide Boots. Crepe-soled bluchers and loafers in a variety of quality leathers and animal hides were also present, and seem to be an ideal item to kick around in once the weather turns a bit warmer. Still, it's evident that Yuki and the gang will continue to cultivate the brand's classically-made yet whimsical approach to footwear.

more yuketen bags and shoes.

crepe-soled bluchers in color-blocked leather and genuine animal hides.

maine guide boots with a strap and new vibram soles.

maine guide boot in green shell cordovan.

more vibram-soled boot goodness.

cordovan shoe horns.
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kinda wanna a pair now green cordo?
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wow green cordovan ... hmmm
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i think it may be the same rare horween leather that they've done in loafer form:
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Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite View Post
i think it may be the same rare horween leather that they've done in loafer form:
yes, it is. and those cordovan maine guides i believe are between $1,000 - $1,200 a pair.
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post
wow green cordovan ... hmmm

calling Alden....

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Green boots are awesome.
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