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Jil sander tailor made line

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I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the quality of the Jil Sander Tailor Made line, such as this suit.  I assume that the suit is fused.
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Actually, all the Jil Sander suits I have come across have a floating canvas and are not fused. They use the absolute minimum of construction and are very soft and almost un-constructed in appearance, but nevertheless are conventionally made. Another peculiarity Jil Sander's jackets employ: the shoulder seam does not run on top of the shoulder, but slopes down the back. I hope I make myself clear: the seam begins on the neck where it always begins, right in the centre, but then drops down to end at the sleeve, maybe three inches down the back; thus giving a very soft and round shoulder. (A few bespoke workshops use that cut, but I have never seen it in RTW.)
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i have a jil sander tailor made suit it has a floating canvas front it is as bengal-stripe describes they do run on the slim or thin silhouette though, if you have substance to your thighs, you're not going to fit into her pants
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I concur with bengal-stripe and hermes, and would like to add that the cut is slim, but the fit and silhouette is much softer, with less waist suppression than say, a Helmut Lang suit. The style is not unlike Armani in that respect. By and large, the Jil Sander suits I've seen have pretty good construction, the exception being suits from the first summer sans Jil.
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