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My Daks Jacket--Tropics Edition

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I suppose I could spend more time posting pictures of the stuff I wear on a regular basis, but how much fun would that be? One of my interests as a serious thrifter is uncovering the forgotten corners of menswear. Many things that today seem fairly outlandish were at one time acceptable specialty attire for many conservative dressers. Today's case in point is this cotton Daks jacket that I found several years ago. Made in England of some sort of cotton print, it is 1/4 lined and has two smallish brass buttons on the front and one on each sleeve, all pockets are patch. I've worn this a couple of times to summer daytime events with blue-grey (to pick up the darkest blue in the jacket) tropical weight wool pants and a plain-ish shirt (no tie). The print is perhaps a bit brash, but the cut and construction are strictly traditional and conservative. Whenever I wear this jacket I wonder what Bermuda was like back in the day.

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It's kind of wild, but I like it more than the Lilli Pulitzer "Palm Beach" Madras coats that I've seen posted on the Forum. I mention them because they come to mind as someting as wild as this Daks.

I can readily see why you don't wear a tie with this coat. I seem to remember Daks as a traditional middle of the road UK maker, that was known for their Blue Blazers.
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I just took a look and here are some of the Pulitzer wild type coats I was referring to.





Here are the pants to go with the Pulitzer coats:


Amazingly, the Pulitzer coats and pants invariably sell on Ebay, and usually for a decent price(for the seller!). Oh Well, c'est la vie!
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I would like it for a once or twice a year wearing.
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rnoldh, I like the Pulitzer jackets. They work something of the same vein as this jacket, but at the same time are much more casual and obviously American. LP (and, no, I don't mean Loro Piana) strikes me as a true old school clothier for the American Country Club.
Daks, I think, has been many things at different times. At one time I believe Daks granted a license to someone here in the US who produced rather unexceptional clothing under the label for mor dept stores. Much of the English-made stuff, on the other hand, strikes me as really well-made and fairly adventurous in styling. I can't think of any other maker who made such a diverse collection of slightly insane rtw English country clothing.
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