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Where can I find thick dress socks? - Page 2

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^^ Yes.
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Thanks. Any particular model of Falke/Smartwool/etc.? Each brand makes a lot of different types of socks, and I don't want to order something too thin.
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The 100% wool socks by Corgi that I sell are about as thick as athletic socks, like Champion. They keep my feet warm in the winter but even in the summer they keep them cool by absorbing sweat. Wool is the best material for socks.
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Sockdreams. I bought a variety of OTC socks from them in varying level of thickness, ranging from viccel like widths to boots socks are which are really thick.
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I have gotten Smartwool socks at Nordstrom rack and STP. I think they only have 1 style of dress sock. Quite thick and great for winter, early spring and fall, up to about 75 degrees. They are also quite cushioning and great for the long walks through airports schlepping all your crap.
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Have you tried a tongue or heel pad? Either, or both, will often stop slipping.
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I have 4 pairs of BNWT Venanzi (from Rick's) that are thick wool and over-the-calf. PM me and I'll cut you a deal.
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STP 40% off sales today.,...l-For-Men.html $5.26 each.
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Originally Posted by needshoehelp View Post
Go to Macy's and check out their Goldtoe selection. Usually there are at least some thicker ones. That is what I've done for my slightly larger shoes.

Just found gold-toe socks and I luuuuuurve them! <3 BUT I like thick socks which I don't think most people would consider "dress socks."
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