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Originally Posted by texas_jack
on a related note, can anyone tell me why I wear out the crotch of my pants. It seems that my thighs rub together and the pants start to wear through in the crotch. Is there anything I can do?

one solution is to have the crotch lined. but you must use a heavy cloth like trouser pocket material. even heavyer like poplin or even denim. do not use coat lining its not strong enough. the idea is for the lining to take up the wear instead of the trouser wearing out. when the lining wears through then have a new lining put in.
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You can have that area lipoed -
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This is true now but even when I was thin and young I had the same problem. My brother who is thin has the same issue. I think it is just how I am built.
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As this was your first suit I shall assume you are a young man--if I am wrong I beg your forgiveness, kind sir.

I just turned 26 a few days ago, if you still call that a young man. I was 21 when I purchased the suit. I think I might keep it a while longer, at least until my custom suit comes in towards the end of October. I will probably order another custom one, because once I donate this suit, I will be back down to three suits again.

Personally I think if he's had it for four years and worn it a lot (as his only suit for awhile) it's done fairly well.

Yes, I think the suit has done quite well. When I first bought it, I was a student, and it didn't get any wear during the school year, but when I worked over the summer and christmas holiday, I wore it alot.
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Time to give up on the suit.
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