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For Trade: New Uniqlo Selvedge

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these were given to me as a gift by a good friend who was visiting family in japan. unfortunately, they're a bit big, so i'd like to trade them for another pair of jeans i can wear. or maybe something else. i'm open to offers. they're labeled size 35 and actually measure exactly that with a 36" inseam. the denim is of suprising quality. green line selvedge with nice details like a selvedge coin pocket. The denim seems very heavy. at least as heavy as my rrdg. they were in a raw state when i got them and they've been through one quick cold soak, which seemed to do absolutely nothing. email me for crappy pics, but they're exactly what you'd expect. just a classic 501 repro with very classic, simple design. i wish they fit. thanks. email with any questions.
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Too large for me, but a great jean -- j brought me a pair from Japan, when he and Tokyo Slim were visiting.

This style of jeans is the big reason I am awaiting the opening of the big Uniqlo store in NYC later this season.
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Yeah, someone needs to buy these. Shoreman, IIRC I could never find you a pair and you were around this size... These are really my favorite jeans ever and if you need them a bit tighter you can toss em in the dryer. Mine snugged up a bit when I did that on accident and I'm glad I did.
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email sent.

J did you get my PM a week or so back?
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yeah i sent an email too... Do they sell these raw ones at the NYC store?
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Big Uniqlo store in NYC not open yet. Small placeholder store didn't carry them as of a month ago.
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