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i think you are mixing up quality with durability its not the same at all. you have to look at what the item is made of before purchasing or wearing time and time again and throwing on your floor... then look at the price. 

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stupid thing is that they don't produce a lot of the same stuff...


This jacket in of this guitarist for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YZpWZ9IT7M 


(Replica Leather Biker) is my favouritet but they won't produce em anymore. Sure they tried but its not the same jacket.


Really fancy the jacket, anyone who knows where to get it let me know, I love the quality, not to last but that gives it the special touch ;)

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The look is supposed to be worn in so dont be cheap and expect it to last forever... its seasonal, hence the large sales each season. On that note, the quality is way better than H&M's Chinese BS.... Allsaints uses Italian cotton and most of their stuff is made in Portugal.

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