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Vintage 60s Trad Odd Jacket

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So very trad, this one. For all ye devotees of the sack. Details: medium-weight, charcoal/grey flannel plaid; three button roll two; narrow lapels; undarted; flap pockets; center vent; two buttons on each sleeve. In excellent condition. From Gimbel's.

Approximate size--42R.

2-1/2" lapels
25" sleeves
18-1/2" across the shoulders
45-1/2" chest
21-3/4" across the waist
31-3/4" long

The jacket's available free of charge to the first forum member from the U.S. or Canada who PMs me; I'll even spring for shipping. The jacket must be for your use, and you must agree not to sell it on eBay or elsewhere.
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still available? if so, I'll take it... its my size
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Cool jacket, I like it.
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Great coat. It reminds me of the observation that true classic wear is timeless. I bet the coat is quite old. Is Gimbel's still in business? It brings back memories. Many, many, years ago I lived in NYC and my family used to shop at Macy's. And if we had the time we would always go to Gimbel's, which I seem to remember was across the street. Does Macy's still have the Flagship 34th St. store?

Do any of you remember Gimbel's and where it was exactly?
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Tax Mac is the winner. Congrats. It's a lovely coat and deserves a good home.
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Gimbel's has been gone for decades. Their building is now an urban mall.

Macy's still rules 34th St.
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