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Ike behar @ burberry{usa} shirts

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does anyone have comments regarding the quality/value of these shirts AND are there better shirts in the same price range? {125-160} thanks
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Certainly there are other shirts within that price range out there, and you would benefit from trying some others. Ike Behar's are definetely good shirts, using single needle tailoring and mother of pearl buttons. I am not really a fan of their collars though, at least the ones I have seen. I know they do CEO shirts available at Nordstroms and Saks. These are where you pick out a fabric and send in your measurements. As far as Burberry goes, the Burberry shirts I have inspected at the local Burberry boutique here in San Francisco seem to be pretty good quality, although not the best. I recall them using pretty substantial mother of pearl buttons, but I didn't look to see if they employ single needle tailoring. A good shirt within that price range would be Robert Talbott out of Carmel. He basically has 2 distinct lines of dress shirts, the Best of Class line and the Estate line. The best of class line are quite nice, and I have gotten a few custom shirts from that line. They use mother of pearl buttons, with single needle tailoring. These shirts are made in Carmel, California and typically take a few weeks to recieve. There is no minimum shirt order. Nordstroms does their custom shirt program, as well as other high end boutique type of places. The best of class line typically run around $150-$200. Also, Talbott does ready to wear shirts as well, they are made in Poland. These are typically around $125. Their estate line is quite nice, and the fabrics seem to be a cut above the best of class line. They use double stack mother of pearl buttons, shank sewn, as well as single needle tailoring and are good with pattern matching on the gauntlets and yoke. These shirts typically run around $300-$400 dollars though, so in the price range you stated, it is best to stay with the best of class line. But I definetely recommend checking them out. Another shirt out there that is nice is Thomas Pink, although the quality is not quite as good as Talbott. They use plastic buttons and double needle tailoring. However, I do like their colors and their patterns alot. Pink shirts typically run from $125 to $195 for their 170's fabric. They are cut on the slimmer side.
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i've said it before and i'll say it again. if you are willing to spend $100 and up on dress shirts, go to a tailor/shirtmaker and have one made to your specific measurements. otherwise you are just paying for the label. the most important aspect of a dress shirt is fit. you'll also be able to choose the exact collar style you want, cuffs, placket, etc... having said that, robert talbott does have some great fabrics but when i inquired about measurements, they said they would only go by my neck, sleeve, and choice of regular or slim fit. there are lots of tailors who offer custom shirts but do not advertise them. ask around and you'll find one.
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