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Last week my little brother found them at Burlingtons in Philly for $39

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Here's a pic of some tan suede wallabees i got off ebay for only $29.99 (free shipping). I figured why not, being that they were only 30 bucks and in my size (6). I know a small majority find these shoes wearable, but i just thought i'd share. I like mine (though that prob doesnt mean much).

Also sorry the picture doesnt truly represent the color, the floor is a similar color to the shoes and the lighting is bad
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I had a teacher in high school who wore wallabees everyday; he had 3 different pairs and said he's had at least one pair since he was my age. He said they were the most comfortable shoes he ever had so I went out and gave them a try. I bought the tan suede and they truly are the most comfortable shoes I ever had. I wear them every day now, but I do avoid walking in grass and stuff with them because they do get dirty. They are definitely not in style and it's only me and my teacher that wear them, but I dress very simple and don't care much on how I look. I actually got complimented by two different girls so far for having my own style of shoes. I love these shoes and will continue to wear them!
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Wallabees boots are nice as hell. For me they're a perfect blend of moccasins and chukka boots. I used to consider them a dad vibe but Breaking Bad, Raekwon, and Ghostface made me come around. I got some on Amazon for about $80, which is good considering the store in my city that was trying to flip them for over $200.

Kind of a low-quality photo, I know...

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English made or Chinese made? The Chinese retail for about $120 but the English made ones cost more

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Anybody own the padmore and barnes "original p204" ? i.e:http://bit.ly/pdnbarnes 

Looking to buy for fathers day, wondering hows the quality/fitting/ 


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