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YAY! Clarks Wallabees are so misunderstood.
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I found some black Wallabees in my size for $5 at a thrift store, in pretty good condition. I really really wanted to like them for that price, but they're just awful.
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Yay. These shoes ARE misunderstood. Definitely, not everyone can pull them off.
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Recently got some old Ireland-made bees but screwed up the sizing and they're WAY too small. Anyone interested in a size 8 (guessing, not marked) for like, $80 shipped?

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awesome deal^
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Originally Posted by Jared View Post
I assume the perforated Khans are over the top?

Those are venturing into crocs territory
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A yay for Wallabees. I really like them in sand suede or beeswax leather. But I agree like all good things everyone isn't going to appreciate them.
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Wally's are win.
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I got one in orange leather. Looking great with black jeans but i think it isn't available now.nod[1].gif

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love mine... made in ireland.
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Damn that nigga lil B's grin cracks me up every time
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Im from Town. When I say Town I mean Manchester, England. Wallabees were a raver shoe. Working class raver shoe. Rave scene was more relaxed (less stylish) than other sub-cultures. But I still got a soft spot for the Wallabee. The new version with the outdoor sole is pure scally goodness!
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I have a soft spot for Wallys.  I have bought 5 pair but only 2 are in my possession:  black suede & brown suede.  A petty thief aka my little brother stole 3 pair:  black suede, beeswax & a natural canvass.  All are high tops (the low tops look weird IMO).  My older cousin used to wear them back when I was a teen and I thought he was nuts.  I remember buying some Cole Haan knockoffs with a rounded toe in the late 90s but it wasn't till about 12 years ago I that I saw the light and bought my first pair of suede blacks.  I haven't looked back.

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Man I think Wallabees look fine (they certainly feel nice). 

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