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traveling with a pet- airline options

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im looking to travel with my dog that is about 35lbs, ~2.5ft long, ~2ft tall, ~ 1 ft wide. the research ive done shows that it is unreasonably expensive for me to bring him, but i hold a little hope that there is a pet-friendly airline somewhere.

for those of you with experiences with airline travel with pets, could you help point me in the right direction? thanks.
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Ive flown with my dog everywhere... but I brought her on board, shes only 14 lbs. AA was very friendly and Jet Blue was awesome. I cant offer advice if you are putting him downstairs though.
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I too have flown with dogs and cats....from Europe and stateside. The pricing varies and the pet-care portion of most major airline sites are pretty good. I would recommend calling AA, USAIR, or Continental and asking them for help. They have size charts available and my dog was about $300 to ship in the belly of the plane....not bad for a 70 lb animal.
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Have not traveled with pets myself, though I have heard (anecdotally) that Delta is pretty good at losing and/or having pets die on them. I would be hesitant to trust a pet to them without further research.
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thanks for the input so far. it has been very frustrating looking through the options. my dog is too big to fit underneath the seat in front of me. i have my reservations putting him in cargo because, well im just worried about that. plus paying $200 each way is outrageous to me considering my r/t ticket is less than $300. i wish i could just buy him a seat next to me on the plane. oh yea, and fuck that no-show policy most airlines have. christ almighty.
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I'm probably pointing out the obvious (and maybe you're staying somewhere where this is not an issue), but I assume you've also considered potential difficulties in finding accommodations that will accept the dog at your destination? Traveling with dogs is pretty tough, unfortunately. Hope you're able to find a way to make it work.
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saw a report on CNN about a pet only airline. Pet Airlines
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My dog comes along on mostly all trips by car, and many trips are by car so that he can come along. Accommodations are not usually a problem, especially in major cities. I prefer Kimpton hotels because of their liberal pet policies.
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Most high end hotels allow dogs, there's even a hotel in Stockholm which offers a special doggy package.

Have a chat with your vet, if you plan to bring your dog on a plane, as they can give you something to helo it relax or knock it out, which probably is better for your dog.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post
Most high end hotels allow dogs, there's even a hotel in Stockholm which offers a special doggy package.

Yes, but the problem I've run into is that many high end hotels do not allow you to leave the dog in the room unattended. When I stayed at the Penninsula and Four Seasons with my dog, I'd hire sitters to watch him while I was at dinner or elsewhere. Although my dog is fine alone, I didn't want to risk having problems by leaving him anyway.
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while i appreciate your inputs, im not concerned with hotels as i will be staying with friends and family. im just concerned with actually getting my dog there.
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imo if you can't carry the dog on with you don't bring him. a ton of dogs die in airline holds.
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Very few dogs die in airline holds. The DOT requires airlines to report these deaths, and there are very few. Check this link for monthly reports, with pet incidents (including loss and death) on the last page usually of each monthly report.

I travel with my 35 pound dog all over, and have had no problems. Call the airlines and talk to them. I mostly use Air France and they have treated my dog better than they have treated me, but I'm guessing from your airline ticket price that your travel is domestic. The only American airline I've used is Delta, and they were difficult because they could not even tell me if my dog was on board. All worked out in the end, but I would never use them again just because their inability to communicate made me nervous.
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