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Because it was needed. Half asleep right now so I'll make a proper 1st post tomorrow. Give me some colors, woot woot.
In the mean time...
(It's a click on the pic to get to the link concept)

Ok, now here's a bit of history. The Missoni fashion house was born in Italy some 50 years ago; between then and now they took the time to diversify a bit with napkins, bedsheets, hotels, San Pellegrino ltd editions bottles and a bazillion of other lucrative projects we reaaaally don't give a fuck about in this thread. They also have some kind of diffusion line, namely Missoni sport - that's been discontinued in 2002 (but still shows its ugly head on ebay sometimes, you've been warned) and M Missoni which is still around (mostly women stuff I believe). So Missoni's thing is knitwear, that's what the mainline is known for basically. But knits with an edge, not traditional stuff : crazy colors and weird patterns, crazy patterns, hypnosis/epilepsy inducing patterns.


Enough with the talking, here come the piccies. Collection by collection rundown, starting with 2005. The line was a bit teh suck back then so let's not dwell on it.



(click on link for full collection)



Fall 2005

Spring 2006

Fall 2006

Spring 2007


1. Fall 2005 2. Spring 2006 3. Fall 2006 4. Spring 2007

But somewhere around Fall 2007, things start to change, Missoni gets its shit together. There're still some unfortunate looks and the colors could be better but overall it's improving, a lot. And they were on that mountaineering tip before everyone else.


Fall 2007





Spring 2008






Fall 2008


Still a bit of a hit-or-miss, buncha weirdly proportionned stuff but it's getting there.




Spring 2009


Well... it's summer stuff

That one is all sorts of awesome, pretty sure I posted some of those pics before.

Spring 2010





Fall 2010


Fuck yes





That's also the year they decided to make some Missoni chucks...


and the year they hired weirdo extraordinnaire and experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger to film their video ad campaign





What a year !





Spring 2011



 I'm strangely attracted to some of the super colorful layerings, styling is a bit off.







and last but not least



Amazing stuff, most probably the focus of this thread but it's still one year away


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i see seenmy!

fucking fantastic
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paging softy, softy to the front please
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Presentation vid:

I'm surprised they don't get much love on SF. That jacket at 1:02
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Lol, had forgotten I made this yesterday.

Up until now I think the patterns and color were a bit too crazy for SF but that F/w collection seems nicely toned down, 2011 should be the year. And it doesn't seem widely available online which is always an obstacle, also the price.
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FW11 is the first season of Missoni I've seen that I actually like. But yeah, the price is prohibitively expensive for me.
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Yeah it seems the patterns and colors are more muted this time around. FW10 looked pretty nice as well. Those prices
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Love the FW 2011 stuff. What sort of price point are we talking about? Around the Bottega Veneta level?
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fml. those scarves look so good
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Yeah, probably around 700-1000 for regular sweaters.
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I have a few ties, 2 mainline sweaters one of which is cashmere and 2 sport cardigans. Love their stuff. How much did that cashmere retail for?
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just wait for yoox
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Ok guys, I just updated the fuck out of the 1st post.
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One hell of a edit. Can you do my family three next?
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That is awesome they got Anger to do their video, he is incredible.
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