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Which patent shoe?

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Hello all,

I'm currently after a pair of patent leather, plain fronted oxfords for wear with black tie. I'm not wanting to spend a huge amount and have narrowed it down to these two pairs. I was wondering if any of you might be able to comment on either choice.

1) Charles Tyrwhitt's offering at $122.50 US with 50% off. (Loakes I assume)

2) This Sanders offering from Pediwear. about $150 US + I get a free pair of shoe trees because I am a member of AAAC.

Can anybody comment on the fit/quality of either of these? Note that the Sanders shoe only comes in a G fit.

Just to give you an idea, the C&J 337 fits me perfectly in a UK11E.

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They look very similar, both glued construction. G fit may be medium width for that maker - I'm not sure. Of the two I think I would go with CT just because it's easy to return them if they don't fit and I'm not familiar with Pediwear's policy, and they are a bit cheaper.
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Unlike most good shoes, an evening shoe should have glued construction. It makes the whole shoe a lot less 'clunky' than a welted shoe.

I think the CT shoe:

...looks a bit comically long. And the sanders works out a bit cheaper when you factor in the free shoe trees.
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I have the CTs. They're "fine." They didn't have wides in the store, so i bought an 11.5 E UK (normally I'd be a 10.5G or F). They're not too long, they fit reasonably well. The soles are not lacquered--in case that matters to you one way or another. The ones I got are I believe not these exact same shoes; they're an older model. FWIW. obviously, I have no basis of comparison with the Sanders, but if it's only a wide and you are not, I'd order the CTs to start just for fit purposes.
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