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Cobbler/shoe repair - Michigan

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Hi, I tried searching different combinations of words but I couldn't find anything that addressed this. Where do the Michigan member's get their shoes repaired? I need to get some rubber soles put on my leather shoes and would like to go to someone that will take care of my shoes! I'm in the Detroit area. Thanks in advance!
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Try Frank's on Old Woodward in Birmingham. I've never been, but I know people who use him.
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thanks, i guess they got in the detnews for michigan's best 2005 shoe service place Best solace for the sole Frank’s Shoe Service 360 S. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham (248) 647-3530 Second place: Cobbler’s Corner of Livonia 33493 7 Mile Rd., Livonia (248) 474-9134 Third place: Said Shoe Repair 507 W. 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale (248) 542-0664 wasn't sure if i should trust that or not.
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I can vouch for Frank's. I now live in NYC but grew up in Michigan. My first job was at Frank's Shoe Repair. I was 14 and worked there for a few hours after school for two years. I was shocked to see a picture of Frank Jr. in the back of the shop on this forum. These guys know what they are doing and I can tell you from experience that your shoes will be in good hands.
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I am a native Detroiter, I live and work in Birmingham, and unfortunately have to tell you that there are no top notch shoe repair places in town. I have tried out Frank's and another one inside the plaza at Maple & Telegraph, and while they talk a good game, the work is mediocre at best. I take my wife's shoes there, and maybe Cole Haans or whatever, but I wouldn't take anything good there for major work. Fine for doing what you wanted I suppose, but I didn't want any forum newbies showing up at Frank's (or those other places mentioned) with their Westons for resoling.

If you sit and watch whom and what Frank's gets to practice on, I think it bears out what I've said here . . . lots of women's shoes and purses, and lower end men's shoes.

For major work, I send my shoes back to the manufacturer, or I go to the place in the Pittsfield Building in Chicago when I visit our Chicago office.
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I know this topic is ancient, but starting a new one when I have the exact same question seems a waste of space.

Any other recommendations?
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There's a guy in Northville who is reputed to be good, but I haven't used him. I usually sell my shoes before they need any work - cuts down on repair bills.
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