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Opinions needed

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I decided that a peacoat is not for me. I am thinking of getting this. What do you all think?

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That actually looks really cool...simple and clean, I like where it hits right below the buckle. I like this better than a peacoat myself.
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doesnt do it for me...I guess its OK, but just OK. I vote keep looking
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I hate peacoats.
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I agree with mat. It's ok. It's not terrible, but it is rather bland.
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I like peacoats, but that's nice too. Looks good if you wan't something that's versatile- it won't dominate any outfit, but on the other hand you'll have to make some other part of your clothing the focus.
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awesome, i love it, where is that from? i'm loving the top button collar
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very minimalist. very nice. it looks like a John Varvatos jacket i picked up last F/W season. who makes it? the photo looks like something off a Macy's or Nordstrom's website.

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I like it too, where's it from?
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It's a Joseph Abboud "bomber".
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I like it. Don't button the bottom button. I wonder if it's really that fitted, though. Almost everything is pinned in those pics. Might need some taking-in.

And don't make that mouth when you wear it.
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i guess the opinions are mostly positive. j, if it is not that fitted then i probably will not get it. I was torn between that and this I am leaning towards the one in the original post because I think it might be more versatile and more acceptable in business casual / semi-formal settings.
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I really, really like the first jacket. I'd like it a lot more if it were 100% wool. I'm a big fan of "minimally styled" stuff, and I'd probably buy this myself if I hadn't already bought a light coat for fall (a plain gray workcoat-type thing from Target for like $35). I think the first coat would look fantastic with raw or very dark denim.

The second coat does absolutely nothing for me.
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I really like the second one myself. Where did you find it?
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