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Easter Eggs

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The Brainiac one is a stretch.
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I saw this on the plane yesterday. JC, it was stupid. What is wrong with Hollywood today? Superman Returns was better than this, and the original Reeve movie is freakin' Casablanca by comparison.
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Rewatched this on HBOGO tonight. Had to stop when it got to the Zod fight. Just as tedious as I remembered. :(

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It's a complete and utter piece of shit. 2.5 hours of headache-inducing visual noise.


Made some money though so we'll have to endure another.



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It was pretty fucking terrible.
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Made all the worse because of the hype leading up to it - really seemed like this was going to be a good one.

And now, DC will try to cash in on the superhero crossovers due to Marvel's success with the Avengers franchise. Marvel has had some duds, but the overall setup was well planned out. DC gives us Affleck in a bat suit.
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