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I lol'ed
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lol8[1].giflol8[1].gif L-O-Fucking-L!
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John Williams' Superman Theme NOT in Man of Steel

When talking to Total Film magazine (via Coventry Telegraph), Snyder let it be known that John Williams' theme will not be appearing in the movie.

"We decided to act as if no Superman film had been made - even though we love the films that have been made. We had to say this is a Superman movie for the first time and you can't then go 'Oh, now let's steal a little music. So, yes it's awesome music but Hans Zimmer is going to do something awesome."

Talking deeper about his approach to the character, Snyder offered this: "We have great respect for the canon. I would say it is a clashing of stories and ideas. Superman is the king-daddy of all superheroes - to make him work is a big deal. The big challenge is if you can make people feel 'What would you do if you were Superman?' That's what we went out to do as far as we could. Superman's always been this kind of big blue boy-scout up on a throne that nobody can really touch, so we tried to make him relatable."
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

For Rambo.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I don't care for the new suit. I appreciate the fact that the makers of the new film are trying to 'modernize' the suit but the colours are far too dark and lifeless. I really hope the 'S' doesn't light up if he is struck in the chest because if it does, he'll look like a human pinball machine. One if my biggest peeves about all the Superman efforts is that on Krypton everyone speaks english. Whyyy?

To Doc, glad to read you warmed up to Cristopher as Superman. He did train intensely under David (body of Darth Vader) Prowse to prepare his body for the role of a lifetime. Also, Superman need not be a perfect human-like specimen (though he was created that way). His molecular density is what gives him his incredible strength on earth so back on Krypton he would have been just an ordinary guy, albeit the son of a senator. Or perhjaps Earths gravity and whatnot made his body swell? Who knows what the new film will attribute his strength to should they not adhere to established lore.
Christopher brought so much to the role. He had the right combination of innocence and eagerness to please.
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Gunga galunga...gunga- gunga lagunga
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

I don't care for the new suit. I appreciate the fact that the makers of the new film are trying to 'modernize' the suit but the colours are far too dark and lifeless. I really hope the 'S' doesn't light up if he is struck in the chest because if it does, he'll look like a human pinball machine.

Why would you even think Snyder/Nolan would do such a thing?

As for the colors, we still haven't seen the full suit in action. Pics make it look darker but so did the Amazing SpiderMan suit pics and with the light-up web shooters in the trailers looked ridiculous but I didn't mind it on the big screen.
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Is There a Secret Villain in Man of Steel?

Few details are really known about Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel except that it of course has Superman and that he will be fighting General Zod in the film. But what if there was a secret villain in the film that no one had mentioned? The cat might be out of the bag now.

Screen Crush (via Brickset) has found something very interesting in an upcoming LEGO set. A list of soon to be released DC and Marvel LEGO tie-ins has come up and at the bottom you will find an interesting addition:

76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze – Aquaman on Ice
76001 Batman vs. Bane – Chase with Tumbler
76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown
76003 Superman Battle of Smallville
76004 Spider-Man – Hunting with Spider-Cycle
76005 Spider-Man – Mission at Daily Bugle
76006 Iron Man Extremis
76007 Iron Man Malibu Mansion
76008 Iron Man vs Mandarin
76009 Superman Black Zero Escape

Since most of these sets are somehow tied into the upcoming and previously released films of these respective characters, it stands to reason that Black Zero will appear in Man of Steel. Why else would such a random character be chosen for a LEGO set?
Black Zero first appeared in a Superman comic titled "The Man Who Destroyed Krypton," wherein he revealed to Superman that he was paid to destroy his home planet of Krypton. Will the character make the leap to the big screen for the new film? Or was this simply a creative choice by LEGO because they're big fans of the character? Time will tell, but check back here for any more updates.

Henry Cavill plays Superman in the June 14, 2013 release. Amy Adams stars as Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburne as her editor-in-chief, Perry White. Starring as Clark Kent's adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, are Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.
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After watching the trailer, I'm convinced this movie is going to be 2+ hours of "WTF just happened?".
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I bet "Black Zero" is a reference to Zod. They will just rewrite it for the movie universe and make Zod the one who did it.
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David S. Goyer Talks About Writing Man of Steel

Moderator: You are quite good at writing two kinds of stories: fantasy completely original stories, with a supernatural aspect, and also adaptations (especially from comic-books) that you reinvent in an original way. We know you're working on a new comic-book adaptation, a DC Comics adaptation. What does this work have in common with you previous works?

David Goyer: Are we talking about Man of Steel? What Christopher Nolan and I have done with Superman is trying to bring the same naturalistic approach that we used adopted for the Batman trilogy. We always had a naturalistic approach, we want out stories to be rooted in reality, like they could happen in the same world we live in. It's not that easy with Superman, and actually this doesn't necessarily mean we will make a dark movie. But working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this one actually happened. How would people react to this? What impact would have the presence of Superman in the real world? What I really like to do is writing "genre" stories without a cartoonish element. I did the same with Da Vinci's Demons, and I'll do the same with Man of Steel.
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Warner Bros. Wins Legal Battle Over Superman

It was announced yesterday (via THR) that a federal judge has ruled in favor of Warner Bros. in relation to their stake in the copyright of Superman. The suit was brought up by Jean Peavy, who is the sister of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, as a 'termination notice' on the copyright to the character. Judge Otis D. Wright ruled that an agreement made in 1992 by Peavy negated their current attempt at a termination notice.

When Shuster died in 1992, Peavy was named the sole successor and heir to the Superman property. She wrote to DC to collect "her brother's final debts and expenses." Then Executive VP Paul Levitz agreed and said, "This agreement would represent the author/heir's last and final deal with DC, and would fully resolve any past, present, or future claims against DC," to which Peavy said she agreed and would not attempt "to reclaim the Superman copyright."

The Judge ruled "the 1992 Agreement, which represented the Shuster heirs’ opportunity to renegotiate the prior grants of Joe Shuster’s copyrights, superseded and replaced all prior grants of the Superman copyrights. The 1992 Agreement thus represents the parties’ operative agreement and, as a post-1978 grant, it is not subject to termination."
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Oh jesus, Nolan's involved? Nothing good can come from this.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Oh jesus, Nolan's involved? Nothing good can come from this.

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