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Re: ChronoSwiss
It's a pretty good brand, employing refinished ebauches. Their display back are quite nice, and I like the aesthetics of their dial work. Most of their pieces are offered in 38mm with very long lugs. One notable consideration, the movements on CS are designed to be removed through the dial side rather than the back like most timepieces. This requires a special tool that has very limited availability. If you have any service problems, the watch will most likely need a trip to Switzerland.

Pricewise, they were a pretty good value. Recent hike at retailers makes the gray market much more attractive. Personally, I think their Regulator and JumpHour are very interesting pieces.
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It's your money. You should buy whatever makes you happy.
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yeah, just wanted to get some background on the watch.

thanks for the tip, norcal.
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