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Black Boots

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I know this topic has been covered before, but I haven't found a pair of boots that I really like in any of the old threads. My all time favorite boot that I've seen, is the James Taylor Watson Walker (pic), but at over $1,000 they are well out of my price range. I really like the brown edge around the top part of the sole, minimal details (i.e. no toe caps), and the fact that they have holes for the laces all the way up (I know that this is pretty common, but most high end boots I like go through hooks at the top instead of holes). I'm hoping someone can recommend something very similar. The most I can pay is $500. Any ideas? Does Alden have a similar boot?

Thanks for any help.
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Alden has this shell cordovan boot for $515, but it is a cap toe and does not have the brown trim you like:

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alden calfskin no brown trim and they are captoes, but they have eyelets all the way up. ^click for link alden-of-carmel cordovan not captoes, but speedlace at the top ^ click for link in my experience, the speedlacing makes boots so much more convenient. and i like feeling like i'm putting on old-fashioned figure skates. funny b/c i wanted eyelets all the way up, too. but my opinions change.
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DDML, you're right about the speedlacing. I didn't want them on my alden's earlier, but now i wish they were speedlacing. Really have to loosen up the laces to get them on. Really inconvenient when going to people's houses with no shoes in the house rule.
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damn you people and your boots that i can't afford.

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