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What pocket square color do you wear most often?

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I seem to always find myself reaching for a blue one.
How about you fellas?
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White linen, the workhorse.
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Once, I wore a polka dot silk square. Otherwise, white linen.
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I also wear white a lot but I prefer the patterns and such in silk squares.
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White or light blue, normally depending on my shirt color.
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White silk
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White linen. I think it is more serious than a puffed paisley square, for example, and therefore able to avoid many of the negative connotations that are unfortunately associated with dandyism.
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I have several in silk, stripes and patterns...

But regularly I prefer to use one in a color that matches the shirt.

I have small cotton handkerchiefs, the ones sold in brodery stores.. (30cmx30cm) they are intended to do brodery on them but I use them as pocket squares... they are in fact smaller and thiner handkerchiefs so It doesn't get bulky in the breast pocket...

I have them in white, light blue, pink, purple, yellow and green so I can match them easily with the shirts...

If I am wearing a dark shirt I wear a patterned blue silk or a silk black with polka dots that is great, the polka dots are in several shades of dark blue/green/purple... it is beautiful
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Cream. Sammy, your avatar is the most!
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I find blue and pink to be very common for me. White linen and brown silk tend to by my next most common. The brown silk is for an odd light brown blazer that I wear with jeans and I find the darker brown pocket square to be a nice look, especially if paired with a tan shirt...
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I like patterned squares, often in red, blue and yellow/gold. But the single one I use the most is probably a solid light blue.

White linen too, of course.
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Seventy-five percent of the time I
wear patterned silks (I have about a dozen Hermes of different colors and designs -- they're absolutely stunning and sublime) and about a half dozen RLs. The other twenty-five percent is primarily solids, white linen usually, but also cotton and linen pastels in yellow, pink, green and cocoa.

I love playing with patterns, colors and textures. Life's too short and I'm too old to allow the inhibitions and lack of vision in others curb my enthusiasm for creating a daily palette of color and refinement.
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White linen most of the time.
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Patterns for me, glorious patterns--white linen is the Stalinist architecture of the pocket square world. My two recent favorites can be found in the following threads:
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purple and purle houndstooth

I like purple with browns, navy and dark grey, so it gets alot of use

I wear whte the least. (at this point)
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