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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

Click on the find us link on their page and you can do the Google street view thing inside their store.,-0.117869&spn=0.337098,0.646133&cbll=51.521157,-0.117869&layer=c&panoid=9xY6EQaBR0QAAAAGOo_ngQ&cbp=12,123.36,,0,9.47&t=m&z=11

That is brilliant! Can even pick out my jacket.

Just to follow up on my post, Barbour themselves just responded to my inquiry confirming that Content Store is an authorized retailer and their counterfeit page has yet to be updated.
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Does anyone know where to get a Barbour branded coat hanger?
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Originally Posted by ilovek View Post

Does anyone know where to get a Barbour branded coat hanger?

Only with a jacket attached... I don't think they're sold separately, but you might have luck on ebay.
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Does anyone here have a Barbour commander, in size L, that they would be willing to part with? I am looking for one, and I thought I would check here first. I am hoping to unload my barbour Standen in the same size, and then change to a Commander.

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got a chelsea in navy for sale. Size S. $160+shipping. needed an XS..
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I own a Barbour Bedale SL Pinstripe size 38. I cannot find any information regarding this so i was wondering if anyone knows if there was a hood released for this particular model anywhere worldwide, as i suppose this will not fit standard hoods being as the jackets are made on different blocks the sizing would be out. Matching is always preferred anyway.

Any info would be appreciated.
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I bought a hood (the kind with the tartan lining) for my Ashby jacket, and I am having problems attaching it to my jacket for the first time.


If you are looking at the outside of the hood, the 1st and 3rd snaps/studs attach securely to my jacket without any difficulty. However, I cannot get the 2nd and 4th to securely snap into place. I can get the male end to go in partially, but the ends pop apart if you move the hood at all. 


Is my hood defective or is there some trick to attaching the other two snaps which I am missing? 

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my storm hood goes on my ashby without a problem. you should probably exchange or get another one to try it out.
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Hi guys,


does any of you know which jacket fits slimmer?


- Ashby XS size

- Barbour Bedale SL Small size

- Barbour Bedale SL XS


Many thanks

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Does anyone own the quilted sander yet? I found it on orvis and am enamored with it. But I also don't own a Barbour jacket yet, although I'm obviously familiar with the reputation and quality of the brand. I really really want a quilted jacket, and I've been casually looking around for one for a while, and I think this one fits the bill almost perfectly.

Also, what exactly is this polyamide material that they're using? Also, if anyone has a good recommendation or a good sale for a similar quilted jacket, it would be much appreciated. I'm looking for a mid/light weight quilted jacket for cool spring nights.
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bought this barbour 'tap' jacket for spring/summer from the kittery outlet. 80 bucks, originally 450.

wanted a nice lightweight waterproof breathable but always thought the prices were too high for what it was. really happy with this piece

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Do chelsea jackets go on sale, and are they overkill for australian winter?
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Originally Posted by azif View Post

Do chelsea jackets go on sale, and are they overkill for australian winter?

They do, but not with a massive discount generally. I've not experienced an Australian winter so can't comment on warmth needed, but you can sometimes pick up a lighter-weight version:
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Originally Posted by JimmyHoffa View Post

Hopefully this can bring some clarity to what I am saying. Here you can see the different 'fits'. Slim, regular and relaxed. The last one is the Bedale. People like the Bedale but they want it to fit like the slim jacket in the first picture. This is never going to happen unless you maybe get the Bedale-SL which was built for Japanese people. With jackets, fit is king and you have to select your style based on what kind of fit you want. I believe all the people in these pictures are wearing the same size. So you can see how a 'medium' can get thrown around a lot, but it means nothing without context.

regular medium

I just bought this jacket while on vacation last week in York (from the states). I've tried on various Barbours over the last couple of years and could never get a good fit in anything I liked. I would have had to get a XL in the Commander to get it to fit my shoulders, and then the body of the coat was huge.

The only decent fit I've ever gotten was in the International line. The brass buttons and the belt killed it for me. This jacket, called the Simonside, solved those problems for me. I even like the Union Jack painted button on the pocket. Reminds me of the trip. I got it in large and can put a sweatshirt underneath it, but it doesn't fit huge with just a shirt. I will wear it for a while before deciding if I want to get the body slimmed down at all. Right now I'm leaning towards no.

This is the best pic of the coat. No comments on the goofy smile, there are a lot of stairs to the top of the York Minster, it made me loopy.

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Originally Posted by JimmyHoffa View Post

I was tossing up between the Simonside, Commander and Bede in Navy.

You can see that those two are loose styled jackets. The commander is a lot closer to the chest.

Damn, I never knew shopping would be so hard. The Simonside has a great picture here:

That is a loose jacket - I doubt he had to size down. Also that is a medium weight jacket and has a rougher finish compared to the Bede.


I've been going backwards through the thread, so I just saw this. If you read above you'll see I just got a Simonside. It looks to me like the only difference between the Simonside and the Bede is a bit of pocket detailing and the weight of the fabric. Even though I live in the desert, I wouldn't want a lighter weight than the one I got, so I would stick with the same jacket.

I wouldn't say the Simonside is loose. You can layer under it though and it's certainly looser than the commander. If that's your preference, then your decision is an easy one. But the Simonside, and Bede it looks like, is more close fitting than the original International I tried on at the same time. That is what helped me make my decision.

Good luck!
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