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Originally Posted by Louys View Post

Hi all, I'm a southern Californian whose going over to Scotland for a year. I was considering getting a Barbour as an all purpose foul weather jacket. Are there any particular models I should consider and particular shops I should consider buying them at?  

In terms of coping with foul weather they'll all do a good job. Obviously the longer the coat the more you'll be protected. On the classic side of things the Beaufort or shorter Bedale are great coats, but there are plenty of other options. Over here there's little advantage in shopping around for a Barbour if you're going for one of the classic models as they tend to be priced the same most places. You can get good deals on the more fashion oriented models though.
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Been able to wear the Barras and St. Kildas this Spring.  Very pleased with them as Spring jackets as well.  Had one of the latter on today in some rain and it held up really well, as expected.

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Any ideas on how I can get a Barbour Commander in size XS in CA? The only one I've seen is from this eBay auction. I know it exists because I've had someone from Barbour confirm it for me, but it doesn't look like it's a regularly carried size.

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Originally Posted by Rene_Lahm View Post

I received purchased a durham, and have given it as much wear as I can. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and actually at times hoping for rain when I walk my dog. The build in hood is a great part of the coat, and even in heavy wind and rainfall it has stayed in place, kept me dry. I've worn it anyone from 1 to 2 Celsius and rain with a sweatshirt underneath, to 10-15 Celsius and still felt comfortable.

In terms of fit/size comparison to the Bedale, I can't give a direct comparison, as I've only tried on the beaufort. Based on measurements from Barbour's site however, the bedale and beaufort have similar chest, shoulder, back and sleeve length. The Bedale's back length is shorter however. The Durham's chest, and shoulder especially feels pretty close the beaufort, it is certainly quite a bit longer than the beaufort. It is I believe 4oz, and the bedale/beaufort are 6oz weight. The sleeves aren't overly wide, and you can cuff them to show the tartan lining, which kind of makes them narrow just a bit. It also has drawstrings to tighten the mid-section, which allow for a slightly snugger fit, but it still fits like a Barbour is meant to fit. It has a back vent than is fastened by two buttons, I guess it could come in handy for maneuvering around if your hunting or something. The shoulder cape just adds an extra barrier to block rain, I kind like the look, and it isn't something you see on a coat very often. To me, it looks exceedingly British. I love the jacket, and don't regret opting for it over a beaufort.


Thanks for the info. I see a lot of used Durham's on eBay but I'm not sure how to spot ones that aren't legit.

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Gonna pull the trigger on a sandland. What do you guys think about it?
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Originally Posted by dreamsburndown View Post

Thanks for the info. I see a lot of used Durham's on eBay but I'm not sure how to spot ones that aren't legit.

There's some indicators. The circular zipper tab always has a small dot on the top part. You could look for inconsistencies in the plaid. Sloppy stitching, compare drawstrings to the legit ones on the barbour site. That being said, it's hard and I even had questions initially about the jacket I had ordered off eBay. It looked really legit based on the photos, I was probably over analyzing it, and turned out to be a perfect purchase. As noted when I made the inquiry here, the Durham isn't one of the more faked Barbour's. Plus, if it's a used item you're probably even more likely to get a legitimate one, as I'm sure the fake ones don't hold up as well. Do you diligence though, check the sellers feedback, ask them a ton of questions.

Good luck tho, you'll love the jacket. It's minus 2 and flurries in Toronto today, and I ventured out with for about half an hour into the ravine. It was a bit cold with a light fleece sweater underneath, but bearable. Probably my most versatile item.
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Thanks for the tips. I'm always paranoid about counterfeits. It's flurries with a cold wind in Edmonton too. I was just out in my Bedale over top a heavy wool turtleneck and it was perfect except that I'd really love a hood.
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