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hello everybody.

who knows what shops offers international shipping , i'm searching for barbour joshua pants.

or maybe somebody wants to sell it?

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Originally Posted by marmot8 View Post

I have the Martindale in a M and preferred the Ashby In a Large. They're very similar I would say...I debated finding a large for the Martindale after receiving the M as a gift. During my search for size, I tried the Ashby in a large and it seemed to fit well. Never found the L, kept the M, and couldn't be happier. Long story short I would say the Martindale is a slightly larger jacket.

Thansk for the info!

I´ll make some measurements and continue my search for a site that has the small Martindale, Olive in stock.

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Dude can you post a photo of the martindale? Is it the one above? I might be able to source one for you.
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Originally Posted by danger3000 View Post

Dude can you post a photo of the martindale? Is it the one above? I might be able to source one for you.

Traveling but can post when I get home. Mine looks just like the one you find on the Orvis website. Not sure what you,ean by source one, but I'd be happy to help- took me a lot of effort to settle on the Martindale since it is so hard to find out about. Emailed Barbour and never got a response.
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Originally Posted by mscott View Post

Does anyone happen to know what jacket this is? Saw it on tumblr. 

That looks like a Barbour Hurst jacket.
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I have the Barbour Skipsea jacket in Navy as my winter coat (love it). What would you guys recommend for a spring jacket? Will mainly be worn with denim and a button down. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by zielschuss View Post

Last week I finally got back my Mountain Parka. Back in mid November, I had sent an email to the nice folks in New Hampshire at Barbour US repairs and Barbour custormer service asking if it would be possible to have the jacket taken in at the factory. UK customer service told me it was impossible due to the construction of the jacket but US repairs told me they could do it:

"We can take your jacket in for you, but we are limited as to how much. If you look at the sides of the jacket, we have the space between the bellow pockets (lower pockets) and the side seam. Please keep in mind we need at least ½” to put the side seam back in. When we take a jacket in, we tipically take the same amount out from hem to pit. When we do this, it reduces the arm hole. If the arm hole is good, and you wish to take the jacket in please state on the note you include with your jacket “DO NOT ALTER ARM HOLES” .

If you wish to take your jacket in, the cost is $90 + $6 S&H.

Mail you jacket to:

Barbour Inc
Attn: Repairs
55 Meadowbrook Dr
MilfordNH 03055

Please include a note stating what you would like to have done along with your full name, address, day time phone # and e-mail address."

So, I sent my jacket off in late November along with a note asking to take in 2" along the hem at each side seam and 1" at the pit on each seam. About a week later I got an email from Barbour with an order form where the price of the alteration had gone up to $120. They would not take credit card information via email so I tried calling them a few times but could not reach anyone. I eventually sent a letter with all the info but did not hear back from them. I did see a charge on my card in early January so figured we were in business. Fast foward to last week when I finally got the jacket. The alteration took about a month longer than I expected but I'm happy with the results: 

Barbour Mountain Parka after taper

Please excuse my smirk... mwink%5B1%5D.gif I'm wearing the thickest sweater I own in the first 3 and just a t-shirt in the last 2. The jacket is a size L and I'm a little under 6'1", 165lbs with a 39" chest and 34" waist. I originally tried on a medium and while it was good in the torso, it was too snug in the shoulders for my tastes. I wish I had taken before pics but believe me, the original jacket was significantly more tent-like; here's a model shot which gives you a good idea of the magnitude of tent-ness on the original:

If anyone is thinking about having a jacket taken in, I definitely recommend sending it back to the New Hampshire repair department. It was pricier than I thought it would be, but they did great work and made sure all the original details were intact: they closed up the inner liner over the side seams and shortened the elastic bands of the pull-tabs along the hem and at the midsection of the jacket.

Thanks for this post and the review. I too need to have my jacket taken in. I opted for the large because the medium wouldnt fit on the shoulders, but now it drapes like a "tent". I have the beacon heritage tokito ('skyfall') jacket and was hesitant on sending it to them from Canada. But i dont have any other choice. I have to take in the chest and waist ("lower hem") but also the entire sleeve width (the bicep area to the wrist). Do you know where i measure the width from on the jacket?
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I won this Barbour model on Ebay for 70 bucks. The tag inside says it's a Reefer Liddesdale. I don't think I've ever seen another Barbour model like it.

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What jacket is that Powell?
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I finally made it down to Georgetown Barbour store this past weekend. Got to try on some jackets. I haven't heard it mentioned much but the sales person said if I was looking for a trimmer fit of the Bedale to go with the Ashby.

I should have asked but are there other jackets that are a bit slimmer fitting than the Bedale? And also jackets that have a standing collar instead of the corduroy fold down?
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Looks like we have one final (?!) Bond Sporting Jacket in a size LARGE available for anyone who missed out.

we've also got a good chunk of summer in, including the final Beacon Heritage collection and new steve mcqueen. I'll try to get some of this on a person for you guys

also dont fret about the Dept. B gear, it builds off of what To Ki To did for the company!



EDIT: A Customer of ours is looking to sell their brand new XL which was a hair too snug for him. PM me or email rori if you're interested. both of these will be at full retail rather than the inflated ebay prices that are floating around now.
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does anyone have any idea i could find barbour bedale/beaufort NOS (new old stock/deadstock) jackets?

I'm looking for the waxed jackets made just prior to the current version.


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Going through my email, I'm not seeing a reply to the email I sent Barbour weeks ago. This seems odd...

Anyway, if anyone held off on the Sport's jacket, there are two things you should know, and both are detailed in this thread):

1. There was an issue with the button stance on some (including mine) being even, which isn't how the original line went out: the distance between the bottom button and waist button should be less than the spacing between the other buttons. The incorrect (equal) spacing sort of ruins the sports jacket look.
(starts around here in the thread:

2. Barbour is introducing the Dept. B line (as was noted earlier) under the Beacon Heritage banner, and one of the first jackets is something of a reproduction of the To Ki To sports jacket, without the hood or windflap. I'm not sure if the button stance has been corrected or if it's the equal spacing. I've also read the fit is different, but I didn't get into details with my reading on that.
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How much is the sale usually at Barbour stores? I was told they usually have 2 a year.
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