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Also, if anyone is looking for a new Belstaff piece I have this beauty for sale now:



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Originally Posted by 2Benzil View Post

Folks, bought this jacket online over a year ago, and didn't know too much about the brand. I've been trying to identify the model of jacket it is but can't seem to find one like it. The leather is extremely soft and it fits great. Just wondering what it is??

Looks like a Mojave/Olivers Mount
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Originally Posted by atmosfear View Post

Have you guys ever heard of: www.excelclothing.com  ?
I was thinking of buying a belstaff jacket from there but not sure if they're legit or not?

Yes, legit stores in Ireland
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Hey smile.gif Looking for a Belstaff Cougar in small or medium, ideally in Antique black or Dark Brown. Been trawling the internet for months now and can't seem to find one to save my life so thought I'd try my luck on here.

Thanks smile.gif
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Looking high and low for a vintage (1980's?) Belstaff waxed trialmaster in Red just like this one, suitable for a size Medium (38 chest). Anyone have or know where I might be able to get my hands on one? Any vintage shops out there that specialise in Belstaff's?

Thank you

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Perhaps there is someone out there that can help .... I have what I believe is a Belstaff Trial-Master  but I don't know the era it comes from ...it is most certainly not 60's or 70's ...that's about all I do know .... I have been all over the internet and have not seen one quite like it .....


The two unusual features that I have not seen anywhere are, the Red plaid lining ..... and secondly the brass snaps on the pockets etc. all have the Belstaff logo on them .... the label inside the collar says ..... Belstaff A Genuine Product The Original Since 1924 Designed & Made in England ....


The outer shell is black waxed cloth ....inside collar black corduroy ....


If there is anyone out there who can tell me what year this jacket or even what decade it was made  ... I would be very grateful ....Sincerely .... Garett von Ulfeld




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Hello everyone! i want to sell this brown jacket from Bellstaff, it`s size XL and its too big for me, i dont have the belt from the jacket, it was used by me for 2-3 times. Best price take it! 

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Belted jacket fitting question.  I'm 5'7" or 5'8" with shoes.  If the jacket's hem ends 1/2" below my buttocks, is it too long?  Should I stay away from belted jackets altogether?

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Hi gents,


does anyone own a Belstaff Mutant jacket in size L/XL? Its a few years old now, so if someone wants to sell it just let me know.





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Does anyone know how the Weybridge jacket fits? The website says that it fits true to size but I thought I should check here if I should go one size down.
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Hi guys,


Does anyone own a Belstaff Ryde Leather Jacket - part of the Beckham collection?

There is one I am looking to buy online but want to make sure. Can't find many close up pics online.


Woud be grateful to hear from any body.



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I'm selling a Belstaff Racemaster Ss15(BNWT) in size 34(XS) if anyone is interested. Here-

It is also posted in grailed if you want the grailed protection policy.
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Just picked a new K Racer leather jacket but find the front zipper a little "stiff" and tricky to unzip.  Will it improve with break in or I need to lube it up?  What's a good lube for Belstaff zipper?  Thanks!

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Hi I've had this belstaff jacket about twenty years.but it was classic when I got it. It's label seems to pre-date original logo. Simple belstaff label. Can't find anything quite the same.Beautiful jacket,fantastic condition.Trying to date it.. any help appreciated. Thanks.[IMG][IMG]
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Anyone ever seen a Belstaff Cougar in suede? How much do you think this is worth?


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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