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At least one Savile Row maker likes to smoke. Often I've taken delivery of a new suit to find that it smelled of nicotine. It doesn't last long. Hang it up while your in the shower and let it air out for a day or so.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post
(most smokers smell like the shite they are)

A tad OTT do you not think?
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2 weeks ago I received a pair of wool trousers from eBay that smelled like smoke. I sent them to the cleaners and they came back still smelling like smoke. After 2 weeks of airing out they still smell stale. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to smells but I still like to smell good.
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Originally Posted by Last Year's Man View Post
A tad OTT do you not think?

Perhaps he believes "you are what you eat" (or anything else you put into your body). I would consider cigarettes to be shite, though I know some very nice people who smoke. But they definitely smell like shite.
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I once took some pants to a local clothier who also did tailoring. When I walked in he was puffing away on a cigar and the whole shop, including the clothes he had for sale, smelled of smoke. I left.

I don't think it's that easy to get rid of smoke in cloth, although it can be diminished. I bought a tweed jacket here or at AA and it smelled badly of smoke when I opened the box. I hung it in the garage for 2 weeks and it still needed dry cleaning. I ended up giving it away.
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The solutions so far? Steam with a steamer, steam in the bathroom, hang outdoors, hang indoors, wash on gentle cycle, dry clean. There is only one sure-fire way to get rid of smoke odors: ask your dry cleaner to hang the garment in their ozone room (if they have one) and then dry clean as usual. Ozone is that sweet smell you smell in the air after a thunderstorm accompanied by lightening. That's natural ozone. The cleaner's ozone room will have a special machine that produces ozone on demand. The ozone molecules emitted by the ozone machine neutralize the smoke odors, rendering the garment odor free. This is the same type of machine that a hotel would use to turn a room that stinks of cigarette or cigar smoke into a non-smoking room. Your best bet finding a dry cleaner with an ozone room is to search for a dry cleaner in your city that specializes in restoring fire, smoke and flood damaged clothing. Note to Matt S: Your dry cleaner owes you a refund. He should have known, before he took that garment from you, that dry cleaning ALONE would not remove heavy smoke odor.
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