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Thanks very much for your reference to other sources. I was not aware of Four in Hand. The website is quite expansive. They must have a huge warehouse. I shall take some time to look at everything there, but the scarves seem huge! What do you think is the right size for a scarf? The other website is known to me because I was a member of Mr. G.'s website where I was banned after I posted a thread about Italian socks sold by A.K., whom I respect as an expert in his field. Mr. K. had just completely redesigned Mr. G.'s website when I posted my thread. My thread compared three sock sellers, including Mr. K's. Mr. K. sells M. socks made in Italy. In my thread I questioned if it makes sense for a customer in Europe to buy Italian socks from Mr.K.. M. didn't answer my Emails of inquiry about European outlets for ceertain of their products which Mr. K. offers from Long Island. An order of Italian socks for a customer in Europe means double transportation across the Atlantic, which I consider detrimental to the environment and simple nonsense! Mr. K. refused to answer my question if he was the person who removed my thread and banned me - he is also moderator at that website. Mr. K. answered he would only speak to Mr. G. on my behalf to reinstate my membership if I would stop badgering the members! Although Mr. K. ignored my protest against his false characterisation of my participation there as well as my questions, he continues to send me Email announcements of his website, to which I reply that I'm waiting for his effort to reinstate me as member.