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Sno-seal and nikwax

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Have anyone tried putting those two products on their dress shoes? Are they really that good in waterproofing compared to the standard products sold in your typical shoe repair stores? And most importantly, are there any side effects? The only one explicitly mentioned in their websites is that they will darken the leather. http://www.atsko.com/snoseal.html http://www.nikwax.com
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Nikwax has lots of different waterproofing products. I've not used any of them on my dress shoes, but I am a big fan of their aqueous wax leather waterproofing for my mountain boots. I have not used snoseal on dress shoes either, but my use on boots left me less than impressed. I think it tends to oversoften the leather, and also leaves a residue that tends to attract dirt. Do you really need to waterproof your dress shoes? I just try to keep mine in shape with polish and leather conditioner, and if they occasionally get wet, I let them dry out.
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Thanks for the insight, I live in Toronto, Canada, and the winter is horrible here. And it starts snowing already. Last winter I used carbon- or silicone-based aerosol spray but a bit research over the internet suggest that they can ruin leather. Don't know if that's just marketing gimmick or not but I did have an impression that most of those stuffs are not really effective. I have my eyes on this Nikwax Waterproofing Wax product. Not sure if they are the same solutions with different packaging, but I'll try to get the one that comes in jar rather than the one in paste tube. I hope they do sell it in North America http://www.nikwax.com/uk/leatherwax-paste.asp http://www.nikwax-usa.com/product.asp?productid=882 Edit: Suggestion about other brands / products would also be much appreciated.
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Should I seal my new Cheaney boots, as they're getting a lot of use in the snow, and they're always getting wet? If yes, what product would you suggest? (Or just use my cordovan #8 paste wax?)
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I only ever used snoseal and nikwax on hiking boots and other outdoor shoes. What about investing in some high-end overshoes (e.g. SWIMS, available from Orvis or perhaps somewhere better in Canada) or even one of the more boot-like overshoes?
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