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So good you just had to buy another??

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Who else does this? I recently ordered a hoodie I loved so much that I had to order a second one in a different color...please justify my gratuitous spending of money!
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I've done this with margiela boots and jil knits.

I have the same pullover in three colors from jil.
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me as well. sometimes it doesnt have to be of another color or what have you, just two of the same exact thing. latest was a puffer jacket that i had to get 3.
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Brooks Brothers OCBD. I've got at least one in every color but ecru.
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I have an Alden cigar LWB, and I am seriously contemplating getting another Alden LWB in #8. But thinking perhaps I should just go with a PTB in #8 as I think it may be more versatile ...
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Clarks Bushacres in Burgundy Suede.
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ccp boots, ro leathers
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Messed up ordering a pair of jeans, already hemmed and worn for a bit, will probably make a small fraction of what they sold for raw and new in the B&S, about to remedy my error with another pair of the exact same one size down. Does that count?
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I've do this a lot with exact duplicates (at least 10 over the past 2 years) and nearly always regret it.
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mmm navy crewnecks (perfect weight) the three jil knits jet has are great, i'd cop more if I found them.
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any alden shoes & sns herning knits
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This close to copping another j crew sun -faded sweatshirt because I like the one I just bought...

Have both a black and indigo pair of skull jeans in the same cut... Red Wing GT's in black and cigar... List goes on...
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i usually wear something down and try to replace it with the same thing, but that doesn't always work because companies update stuff.
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I literally do this anytime I buy anything I like. I have triples in a lot of items that I own.
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