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Obviously somebody responding who isn't in NYC today. I currently have my suit pants tucked in Hunter's because I had to walk a mile in a foot of snow.

We got rocked in my state as well, knee high snow Wed and it is still everywhere today. You better believe I wore my pants tucked into my shit kicking steel toed Wellingtons before I changed into my saddle bucks for my afternoon in the office and I switched back into them when I went to brave the grocery store. I ordered a bright red pair of Hunters from Gilt the other day, I am looking forward to them arriving as they are a bit more stylish than the steel toe jobs (but less functional when kicking ice build up around your tires).

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I tuck my pants into my sorels...why the hell wouldn't you?

I do not tuck my pants into boots that are made to remain on your feet once you arrive at your destination.

I think a tuck into Sorels and Bean boots is fine for when you are outside and it serves a purpose plus how in the hell can anyone expect to get a tailored pant over a pair of Sorel Caribou boots or a pair of Hunters? They are meant to keep you tucked in and dry from a design point.