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Getting Feet Measured for AE's (Canada)

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I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get my feet correctly sized so I can order a pair of Allen Edmonds online. I know in the states I could walk into a retail store and either try on the shoes or get them measured by a proper salesperson, but as far as I am aware, the only place that carries AE's in Canada is Harry Rosen (and they definitely do not carry a 14E/EEE, I've asked).

The shoes I am looking to pickup online are at a deep discount (closeout seconds) so I am willing to take a chance at them, but it would be much more comforting if I could actually get a proper measurement done. It doesn't help that I'm a broke university student...who really wants these shoes haha.

Has anyone had experience doing this in Canada? I'm in the GTA...so I'm willing to go anywhere in Toronto basically.

Thank you in advance for any input.
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Why not just go to Harry Rosen and get them measured you properly? There is a store on Front street (Harry Young I think) that carries AE as well. I think REGO Bespoke Clothiers in First Canadian Place also carry AE. Both HR (First Canadian Place and/or Bloor Street) and REGO have AE trunk show. A rep. from AE is on hand to provide expert advice. Give HR and/or REGO a call and see if there is one coming.

Prices in Canada leave much to be desired. If you get your measurements correctly, order them directly in the U.S. and you are likely going to get a pretty good deal.
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^^^ +1

Also, I had my feet measured at AE in the states and he insisted I was a 13 (All my shoes are 12). Now I have a pair of shoes that are too large. Best to actually try them on IMO.
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Brannock device minus half a size and up a width for me. However, its not going to be nearly as good as a trial fitting.
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Measurement by usual devises only tells you what shoe size you are. It doesn't tell you how a particular pair of shoes fit, since this is mostly a matter of the last it was made on, and its width.

If you pick shoes made on a wrong last and width, the size you want will deviate from the measured one.
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